Thursday, May 5, 2011

2nd Trofeo F1 .21 Tunnel class Boretto (Italy)

Race report from TecnoPower!

On the first of May we headed from Volta Mantovana to Boretto to take part of the 2nd Trofeo of the Italian championship.

We found ourselves with 20 subscriptions all in the .21 Tunnel class, most of the boats used were Thunder Tiger Bandit and their engines. Some OS and of course some TecnoPower engines.

The day started off cold but when the sun came out things became much better...:-)

The race format was 3 qualifiers of 8 minutes each and after 1 final race of 12 minutes! for which we needed to invent something because my fueltank of my TopSpeed boat would not be sufficient for this, luckily my friend Ivan Baruffaldi was there to help me out with an extra fueltank to make this possible.

The race was a good exercise for TecnoPower because the engines have been working very well with a win at the end cannot be better.

Source: TecnoPower

Race result:
  1. Rody Roem - TopSpeed 3 / TecnoPower M01 / KoPropo / Runnertime fuel
  2. Gabriele Pozzi - TT
  3. Paolo Rizzi - TT
  4. Carlo Arfini - CMB
  5. Daniele Bacchini - TT
  6. Roberto Faccini - O.S.
  7. Dario Gialdini - TT
  8. Ivan Bariffaldi - TecnoPower M01
  9. Ezio Sardini - TT
  10. Adam Ghizzi - TT

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