Thursday, August 27, 2009

French 6S "FE" Kep's rigger

I got some nice pictures from a French Kep's "Freebie" builder today. His name is Emmanuel Cabrin and he and his friend Georges D'haussy has built the Kep's "Freebie" with electric power. Their home club is NAVI (NAVImodélisme Villerestois).

Click HERE if you want to check out their (French) forum thread of their 6S "FE" Kep's Freebie build.

Their basic set up is this:
- 105 kmt
- Chinese in-runner brushless 3674-1850KV motor
- 6S/25C/3700 mAh "RHINO" Li-Po batteries
- Octura X442 (he will try X642 and hopes to go 115 kmt)
- Turnigy 120A HV BL ESC / 5A BEC
- Weight RTR: 2450 gr
- Power: almost 2000 Watt
- Driveline hardware is 3/16" from Hydro Marine

YouTube Video 1

YouTube Video 2

Emmanuel Cabrin to the right and Georges D'haussy to the left.

Click HERE if you want to read about the Kep's 21 Freebie (it's nitro).

If you want to build a smaller .12-.18 nitro rigger click HERE for a free JAP .12G drawing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Aces" AA SLS21 marine engine

This is information from Rob Duckering in a forum thread at International Waters forums.

Quote by Rob Duckering:

"The start of something great is on the horizon... I got an email from Al Hobbs today with some exciting news. He is finished testing of his new 21 front intake, rear exhaust engine. Tests have shown a bone stock engine running one of Al's own specially made pipes ran 68 mph pulling a full blade H-7. The testing has been underway since last March. It will be known as the AA SLS 21. The SLS stands for super long stroke. The engine is made exclusively for Al by Axe Rossi.

We are taking their stock engines and making changes for our way of racing, then putting the AA logo on the engines to differentiate between the AA engines and the normal Rossi engines.

Later, there will be an engine to compete with the rear exhaust CMB (Valvola). It will be very much like the MAC 21.
There will also be a 45 engine like the MAC 45 and a 67 that will be like the MAC 67 and an 84 like the MAC 84. There is also a proposed 90 which Al will announce after a visit to the factory again in October.

The new engines will be called "Aces"

A little bit about Al. For those of you who do not know Al, he is one of the most devoted individuals I myself know in the model boat racing world. He is a former president of NAMBA and was very involved in the Mac series of engines from the start.
- He is a boat racer plain and simple.
- He is a stand up guy.
- He brought the Kalistratov line of model engines to north America.

There will be pipes as well designed for every engine.
The first 100 engines are scheduled to be delivered mid September.
Price was not confirmed to me by Al..."

More info to come as soon as I hear some more news...

JAE .12G (formerly known as JAP .12G)

Great news from USA. :)

ack Ass Performance changes it's name to "JAE" and makes the .12G outrigger hydroplane that I published as drawings earlier as a CNC cut wood & foam kit.

The kits will be sold by in the US and there will also be a build service (in the US) by Mike Crawford of Woodstuff tunnels. Scroll down this page for more info of this fast nitro rigger!

If you like to build and cut it yourself you can find the earlier info HERE.

There will also be some JAE .21 & .45's and maybe also a Gas rigger as plans and kits - Stay Tuned more more info of these riggers!

This is a quoted text from Rod Geraghty in a forum thread at International Waters forum where he presented us with the news:

"Some history.

Nine years ago David Hall and myself started talking about building a dirt simple competitive outrigger hydro.We had moderate success but that effort kind of fell off our "hot" priorities list.

About 3 years ago our interest in the boat design once again re-surfaced.
Over a year ago now a totally accidental joint venture was formed with David Hall, Ron Zaker Jr., Martin Truex Jr. and myself. The common thread we all had was to go fast in all kinds of water with a stable simple outrigger hydro.We have learned a lot and the performance of the boat has been nothing short of amazing. The result of this joint venture was the release of the JAP .12G plans (se HERE). The interest in those plans has been phenomenal. I am guessing that somewhere between 500 & 600 sets of these plans have been downloaded all over the world.

Now for the last 3 weeks... J.A.P. [Jack Ass Performance] has officially changed our name to JAE , AKA "J" boats. The JAP .12G is now the JAE .12G.
What does JAE mean? We will never tell... :D It means whatever you think it means...;)

Here is the news:

The JAE .12G will be offered as a CNC precut plywood and foam kit from Zippkits for a introductory price of $39.00 + shipping!

Included will be solid fiberglass boom tubes with an illustrated instruction manual.
Zippkits sells boat kits all over the world and we did not want the name JackAss Performance to get in the way of the offering of these kits to the RC boater. I am presently building the first kit from Zippkits and I will tell you this is a quality kit.

Go to

Presently there are prototypes of a .21H [Hall], a .21G [Geraghty], a .21T [Truex] & a .45H [Hall] JAE boats on the water being tortured. Also as we speak there is also a "gas" JAE boat on the building jig.

We cannot speak for Zippkits but it is JAE's eventual hope to have a line of competitive inexpensive wood/foam rigger kits and or plans available for the RC model boater to experience the fun of building and running RC raceboats.

For those of you who are not comfortable with your building skills, Mike Crawford of Woodstuff tunnels [1-262-210-9403] will be offering a building service for the line of JAE racing hulls.

We don't have an exact release date for the JAE.12G from Zippkits but I do know it will be very soon.. ;)

JAE is a "very non-profit" [not one red cent] joint venture, hence this posting in the outrigger hydro forum. :)

Rod Geraghty"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Swedish nats round 3 in OTA

This past weekend (Saturday August 22) we race our third nats in the stock outboard tunnel class. Normally we race at the same time as the heat racing outriggers but this race was a little special. It was held in the middle of Norrköping in the river of "Motala ström". This weekend it was an city festival also so it was plenty of people checking it out. Overall it was a good race with nice weather but with strange water conditions. More on that later on...

More pics from the race can be found HERE (I borrowed a few).

1. Bosse Sandström - VS1 - K&B - Futaba - O'Donnell 30%
2. Niklas Edlund - VS1 - OS - Futaba - O'Donnell 60% & OD-9 plug
3. Kim Nylèn - TT B1 - TT - Futaba
4. Christer Burström (DNF) - HTB 290 - OS - Futaba - O'Donnell 60%
5. Mikael Sundgren (DNF) - VS1 - K&B - O'Donnell 30%
6. Fredrik Karlsson (DNF) - VS1 - OS - Futaba

7. Fredrik Lundahl - TT B1 - TT
8. Sven Mundhenke
9. Stefan Adolfson - VS1 - OS
10. Pontus Laakonen - TS2
11. Niklas Eriksson - TS2
12. Benny Eriksson - TS2
13. Torbjörn Carlson - TT B1
14. Mattias Bengtsson - TT B1
15. Thomas Ljungström - HTB 260 - OS
16. Wiliam Holster - VS1 - OS

There was already a pontoon in the river that is used for the local city sport fishing guys. It was perfect for our pits!

Upstream the river is a few water-energy gates and just the day before the race the energy company decided to open up the gates so the flow of excess water was about 3 times more then normal. The wave conditions changed from one minute to the other because of that. The wind did nothing for the waves... Strange. At some point it looked like the buoys would be dragged down below the surface. The wakes that the buoys themselves created was intense at times!

As said. It was in the middle of the town. This is the start for one of the heats.

Strange waves again...

The top buoy is an 180 deg turn.

There is a smaller pontoon to the right that you dont see from this pics from which we launched the boats and drove from.

This was a calm heat - lucky guys.

This was a not so calm heat. Christer gets air born and Stefan nose dives...

Stefan Adolfsson (right) and mechanic Staffan (left). This was Stefan's first RC boat race - I think he liked it.

Christer wrenching on his now "dead" James Clegg built HTB290. In practice his radio connection was dead when at full throttle towards the pontoon. He hit the pontoon dead on and the boat was crashed (we suspect a battery connector came lose). Luckily it did not go on top of the pontoon so no one was hurt. But the hull is no more...

If you're into RC car racing on an international level you have most likely met this guy. It's my old friend Erhard Mathiesen - or better known as "Dallas". Dallas is the president of IFMAR and EFRA (the world wide federation of RC cars and the European RC car federation). Norrköping is his home town and he came down for a visit. Personally I thought that he would be in Switzerland for the IFMAR worlds in 1/8 on-road cars but he left early as he had some obligations at his home turf.

BTW, Lamberto Collari from Italy won it AGAIN. Here's some info of that race.