Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a fun New Year!

Bandy Saik-Sirius

Home town heroe Magnus Muhren (#13) had a shot at the goal but he missed...

Its a big ice and a small ball...

Last Friday evening we where at an local "bandy" game here in Uppsala. The local team Sirius was up against my home town team SAIK from Sandviken. On paper SAIK would run Sirius over hands down but that was not the case this time. "We" lost big time... Crap.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Grandmaster Flash - The Message

This could be the one and only good "Rap" tune. Its one of the very first rap videos for shure though. Have a nice weekend! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jap 180 kmt 3.5 SAW from 1999

Here is a very short movie clip of an Japanese 3.5 SAW boat from 1999. Its said to be doing 180 kmt = 111 mph. Its really short (3 sec) so its hard to tell though.

My new hydro motors

This is my 7.5 hydro engine with a Mac manifold.

Here is my new 3.5 cc hydro engine with the Zoom 21 carb and CMD manifold. Looks good. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier

The weeks fly by fast now, its friday again and yet another music video. This time it's an very patriotic one from 3 Doors Down's latest CD.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two years ago today

Here is Jörgen testing his Eagle SGX45 outrigger hydro - December 10 2006. We have about the same weather here today as it was two years ago...

Here's a second 3.5 hydro testing video from 2 years ago.

Exactly two years ago today videos from December 10 testing in Jörgen Anderssons test lake in Örsjö. We tested some new Sholund props and a new carb. It was about 4-6 deg C at the time. This is his Eagle SGX 21 with a Mac motor.

Videos are good for inspiration! :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RC Boat SAW records

Note, a new absolute World Record SAW Speed has been set in November 2014 by Tyler Garrard - its now at 142.9MPH / 229.97KMH. Click HERE for a video.

Updated with a video of one 140MPH run of Team JAGS in 2006 at the SAW race at Legg Lake California...

Joerg, Arne and Gunnar from German Team JAGS - the (former) fastest RC boat team in the world.

140.36 MPH = 225.8 KMH
Joerg, Arne and Gunnar from German Team JAGS did in 2006 the fastest one of all with a 140.36 MPH average (225.8 kmh) - thats also a national US NAMBA record. They use 32 cells in their class "T" hydro with a Lehner motor. I don't think they have run it after that record run 2 years ago.

Here's a short video of Mark a couple of years ago doing 103 MPH (165 KMH) with is 21 sized SAW rigger. It sounds sweet... Its not the record run though. :)

Here's an video from 2006 Legg Lake when Grimm is doing some SAW runs. Dont know the size of the boat though...

This is Grimm recently getting some air time, its just fractions before he crashes.

126.192 MPH = 203 KMH
Mark Grim with his X-Hydro NAMBA class outrigger from the team Siesmic Amigos in southern California set a new US NAMBA SAW (straight away) average speed record of 126.192 MPH (203 kmh) in September 2008. Thats the second fastest propeller driven RC boat ever!

According to Mark himself in the International Waters forum he uses 67% nitro fuel mix, their own homebuilt rigger, a CMB 80 green-head motor and a prop by his son Chris.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mikael Sundgren's Kep's 21 with Freebie front sponsons

Mikael Sundgren's Kep's 21 with Freebie front sponsons

Mikael Sundgren's Kep's 21 with Freebie front sponsons

Mikael Sundgren's Kep's 21 with Freebie front sponsons

Mikael Sundgren's Kep's 21 with Freebie front sponsons

I got an e-mail from my race buddy Christoph Schneider that the German site had picked up my Freebie drawings etc. Nice!

Go to if you understand German... ;)

But they have a couple of pics there of another Kep's 21 boat of mine that is not exactly the one I based the "Freebie" on. The front sponsons are not what's in the Freebie drawings. I you check the pics here above you see the design of the "Freebie" sponsons. Its Mikael Sundgrens Kep's 21 that he raced with this season.

Update December 9: They have updated their site with the right pics now.

Keep downloading and start building!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Veronica Maggio 17 år

Friday music again, this time its a Swedish girl named Veronica Maggio. The tune is called "17 år" and she sings (in Swedish) about her growing up in Uppsala...

"17 år" is "17 year" in English and its about her being 17 at the time (she's 27 now I think). The first words she sings is "Snotty-arms and striped cheeks"... Its filmed in Uppsala even though U cant see much of the town in the video.

Have a nice weekend U'all!

Japanese style RC hydro boats

Japanese boats re-visited is found HERE. :)

Chase boat action for a 12 km RC boat race

And now for something completely different... The off-shore style "12 km" outriggers.

One of the coolest. :)

I have no idea who these race-dudes are but the picture clearly illustrates the size, "wheelbase" and width of the special 100 meter course 4-lap solo racing small outriggers from Japan (they are not 5-lap heatracing boats).

Here's a CMB45 equipped heatracing outrigger from Japan. NASA fuel... ;)

One wonders if our Swedish racer Anders Martinelle have been to Japan lately... ;) The pics are from the Japanese links here below though.

This is what the US guys here below have been inspired by, a typical Japanese outrigger (21 size).

Tom Moorehouse new Fire Fighter 21 prototype.

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro (this eventually became the JAE .21G2 rigger that is available from Zippkits or as a download from this site).

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro.

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro.

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro.

July 22/2010 update: I got this video last year from Rod Geraghty. We thought it was a Japanese guy testing his 21-sized heatracing rigger... But we where wrong! In Japan there is a special type of time trial racing on super short 100 meter course 4-lap event where you race solo runs on your own vs the clock. This is NOT a heatracing boat "testing" and not a style of rigger the Japanese guys compete in heatracing with. The "Jap" heatracing 5-lap riggers are more traditional designed and are generally bigger then what you see in the video.

Japan style of racing riggers (with 3 completely different boat design needed):
- Short course solo racing 100 meter course 4-laps
- Heatracing with 6 boats around a bigger oval on 5-laps (similar to what we do)
- Off-shore racing over a 12km straight course with the driver being in a full scale chase boat

I hope we start getting more an more heatracing boats that starts to look and work a little different then the current style boats (including my own designed versions).

Some Japanese RC boat links:

Props 4 U

ABC H6 above and 1445 below.

I just got an small delivery from the US prop-meister Mark Sholund, they look very good as usual. I think Mark improves his work all the time and he gives you excellent service. If in need for a new propeller please contact Mark he'll fix what even U need. Its winter here though so no testing until the spring time '09.

Mark Sholund can be contacted at: shoboat @ (remove the blank spaces though).

The propellers above is ABC H6 and the 3.5 hydro standard prop Octura 1445.

Props 4 U

Santa - I want a non CMB 3.5 cc marine engine this Christmas... ;)

Swedish tether car guru Lars-Erik Falk made this Novarossi conversion for an Australian RC boat dude (don't know who). I have not heard it it has hit the water yet though. Updated: The motor was never sent away, its still in Sweden with Falk. Hopefully it will hit water this upcoming season.

I found these pics in the photo gallery at International Waters... A billet 3.5 cc called KRE 21. More cool then good looking though. Made by an Austrailian guy named Ken Retallick. It uses an OS 21 piston/liner and a Geraghty carb.

A very strong front box in steel for the big G's they pull in the teather cars.

This is a stroked up 28 size to 5 cc Novarossi.

As its Christmas time I think its perfectly ok to wish for something cool... One of my wishes/hopes is that there will be some new marine engines available so there is basically more to choose from. Personally I don't mind the CMB engines but for shure its not a good thing to be almost alone on the market. If we want it to expand there needs to be more brands available also in supplying the sport and RTR manufacturers with engines - If no engines, there will be no boats.

The tether car guys have for a few years now been converting normal 3.5 and 4.7 cc engines (mainly Novarossi) to suite their very special and highly sophisticated cars for the newest 3.5 class but also stroked up versions of Novarossi 28's for their 5 cc class.

These conversions needs a new crankshaft, a new front box and a completely new rear cover with an intake system (most of the tether cars use an very thin disked Zimmerman intake).

The pics are taken from the Swedish federation tether car site:

And also from International Waters picture forum:

This upcoming Christmas maybe a little too much wishful thinking though but maybe @ the Nürnberg show '09? :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kep's 21 Freebie PDF drawing!

Update November 2012: The all new KEP's T2-21 is published - click HERE. The T2 is a more modern, lighter and faster 3.5 cc outrigger hydroplane!

Update (October 2012):  I'm happy to announce that Friday November 2 2012 I will publish a completely new PDF template freebie design - the KEP's T2 .21. So welcome back soon and download the next generation racing outrigger hydroplane freebie!

UPDATE MAY 2010: The pdf's for this earlier "old" freebie is now removed - I have updated the design to 2010-spec now. The basic info here below is still valid though regarding hardware and material list etc. Click HERE for the Kep's .21 RACE2010 drawings.

Update November 30: New V1.09 version.

Update December 4: Additional "Sirio" version PDF, check the links to the right ->

I have had this idea for a while now, to make a freebie template-drawing of my Kep's 21 racing outrigger hydroplane. So here it is.

Download the pdf's on the links to the right ->
(The jpg's here above are for reference only)

The pdf's are only meant to be used as template drawings. They are NOT meant to be a base for your own drawings as they dont include much measurements etc. So don't ask those questions please. If you do plan to make your own version (as in changing dimensions etc) - feel free but dont ask me anything about that... ;)

Download booth pdf's and go to an print shop and print them out on a full size drawing paper in 100% size. Then cut off the lower part of the main drawing and use them when you make your actual templates.

See also the other links to the right for pics and tips on building wooden hydroplane riggers in general. They should include most info of how to build one of these.

Kep's 21 Freebie info
• Tub lenght: 707 mm / height: 44 mm
• Tub outside width: 76 mm / inside width: 64 mm
• Overall lenght: 738 mm
• Hight under belly: 16-17 mm
• Width between front sponsons: 330-350 mm
• Designed only together with 2 x Futaba S9650 & one S9550 or S9551 servos and one 5-cell NiMH AAA reciver pack
• Weight: 1750 g RTR with no fuel
• Use Divinycell H60 for sponsons
• Use 6 mm Okume/Gaboon marine plywood for the tub sides and most of its bulkheads
• I use "cheap" 8x10 mm carbonfibre tubes and solid 8 mm carbon rods for the sponsons
• Use CMD 21 size engine mounts or make your own, messurements are included in the extras file
• Use a CMD drive line, including flex, strut, rudder etc.
• I will do a "complete" shopping list a little later...

Update December 3: The PDF's are updated to V1.01 now. Cooling tube views are also included. Oops.

Update December 4: I have uploaded an additional main Kep's 21 drawing if you want to see how it looks when U use an engine with 180 deg exhaust also. Use the the other main PDF for the templates etc.

Update March 16 2009: If you dont want to build any rear sponsons on your Freebie - click HERE for more information. I have also added a shopping list. Ps, the PDF drawings have been downloaded more then 300 times now... :)

Metals etc:

- K&S #1149 (old #149) 1/4" brass tube (3ft)
- K&S #132 9/32" brass tube (1ft)
- K&S #1145 (old #145) 1/8" brass tube for tank & cooling water through the radio room (3ft). For the tank you need to anheal it to make the bends.
- Harris Stay-Clean liquid soldering flux or similar
- 60% lead / 40% tin solder
- 0.2 mm thick tin-sheet metal or stainless sheet for making the tank

- 8 x 10 mm carbon tubes, 325-345 mm long each (2)
- 8 mm solid carbon rods for sponsons, 90 mm long each (4)
- 8 mm solid carbon rods for where you bolt the sponson tubes in the hull, 100 mm long (2). You can use some hardwood dowels also, even make some nice ones in aluminum.

Sponson foam:
- Divinycell H60 or H80 - W: 60 (2.36") x H: 45-50 (1.77-2") x L: 360 (14") mm blocks for front sponsons (2) (or Airex C70.55 or C70.75)
- Divinycell H80 or H60 - W: 25 (1") x H: 45 (1.77) x L: 210 (8.3") mm blocks for rear sponsons (2) (or Airex C70.55 or C70.75)


- 1-1.5 mm (1/16) airplane plywood (for templates)
- 6 mm (1/4) okoume/gaboon marine plywood for the tub/hull sides and bulkheads
- 2.5 mm (3/32) airplane plywood for the right hand front sponson inside
- 1.5 mm (1/16) airplane plywood for the left hand front sponson inside
- 1.5 mm (1/16) airplane plywood for front sponson ride pad
- 1.5 mm (1/16) airplane plywood for front sponson top
- 1-1.2 mm (0.04-0.047") airplane plywood for planking the front sponsons except the top
- 0.8 mm (1/32) airplane plywood for top deck of hull/tub
- 0.8 mm (1/32) airplane plywood for planking the rear sponsons
- 12 x 5 mm (1/2 x 3/16) hardwood spruce for under the sponson tubes in hull
- Hardwood spruce for hull nose block and sponson leading edge
- 1.5 mm (1/16) airplane plywood for the hull/tub bottom
- 2 x 4 mm spruce for engine cowl rest in engine bay - you can make it of excess cut-away material from the tub sides also
- 0.8 mm (1/32) carbon fiber sheet for for gluing on the outside and inside of the transom
- 2 mm (3/32) lite-ply for small reinforcements on the bottom side of the top deck

- 1.6 x 100 x 100 mm (0.062 x 3.8 x 3.8") 7075-T6 aluminium for making the turn fin
(If you dont want to make your own, buy one from CMD. Its not 100% the same but it works.)
- 8 x 10 mm tube for the rubber belows for the servo rods etc (you only need about 40 mm)
- 90 deg angle stock for making the small 3:rd channel needle mount

CMD shopping list:
- Eagle 21-size turnfin (if you dont want to make your own) - cut 1/4" off the trailing edge (if you dont know what I mean I can make a drawing that explains it)
- 3:rd channel fuel valve Kalistratov - fine threaded
- CNC 21-size motor mount system including rubbers, 1/4-20 nylon bolts & nylon washers
- 1 set (3 pcs) – 21 size turn fin aluminium inserts with stainless 4-40 screws
- 0.9" x 4.4" 21-size rudder assembly
– Bullet nosed 3/16” stainless drive dog
– 3/16" x 24” flex shaft
– 3/16” Shaft bushing
– 3/16" propeller nut
– 1/4"-28 flex drive collet for CMB Valvola (if thats what you will use)
– 21-size anti-walk strut assembly

If you want to make your own motor mount rails then you need to buy these instead of the complete system from CMD:
- 4 pcs 1/4-20 nylon "wing bolts" - from CMD, Great Planes, Du-Bro, Fastener-Express etc...
- 4 pcs rubber grommets from CMD or McMaster Carr (9307K39)
- 1/4 nylon washers
- 1/4 x 1/2 bar stock aluminum
- 1/4-20 & 4-40 taps for the motor mounts (you can use a M3 also but you'll get less side adjustment then)

- Center-pointed wood drill bits. 6, 10 & 11 mm.
- Also some others drill-bits for mounting rudder, drilling for water tube etc, etc...

- You need to make your own Cowl or buy one that fits or run without one...
- Starting belt 15" - Aquacraft AQUB9530
- CMB Valvola or your favorite choice of 3.5 cc marine engine

- Aquacraft GrimRacer radio box seal boot #AQUB9503 (2 sets)
- Du-Bro #369 4/40 x 2/56 ball link for steering servo (the ball link for the rudder is included with the CMD rudder)
- Du-Bro #367 Swivel ball link 2/56 x 2/56 for throttle arm (1)
- Du-Bro #336 Threaded steel coupler 4-40 (1)
- Du-Bro #172 (or #801 - 6 pack or one #173) .072 x 2/56 threaded linkage rod for throttle and 3:rd channel - for the 3:d cannel needle I dont use any linkages though, I cut the threaded part off and use Z-bends at booth ends (2)
- Du-Bro #144 Threaded linkage .093 x 4-40 rod for steering (1)
- Du-Bro #893 servo mounting screws (1 set)

- Aquacraft 44x66L propeller #AQUB9765 - if you have never run a hydro before this is a good prop. If you have a high performance motor (low squish with 60% nitro) it doesnt load the engine enough so the motor doesnt perform its best. Its very easy when launching etc. Very similar to a stock ABC H4 prop.

- Aquacraft 45x68L propeller #AQUB9768 - works good as it is for breaking in the engine or the first time you run the boat. No additional cup is needed to start with. Very similar to a stock ABC H5 prop.

- Octura 1445 with 3.2-3.6 cup. Prepared either by either Mark Sholund (Props 4 you) or Andy Brown (CMD).

- ABC H6 with 3.4-3.6 cup. Haven't tested these yet myself though.

Radio stuff:
- In the plans are two Futaba S9650 for throttle and 3:rd channel needle and one Futaba S9550 for steering. If you choose some other servos feel free to alter the radio mounting to suite your needs...
- 5-cell AAA receiver pack assembled in 3+2 configuration.

- ZAP-A-Gap CA glue (green label) 1 oz bottles (2 or 3). You can use other brands also but thats what I use.
- CA kicker. I use Great Planes #GPMR6034 but you can use your favorite brand.
- 5 min epoxy. For small things like gluing in the tubes for the rubber bellows in the bulkheads etc.
- Z-Poxy Finishing Resin #PT40. For impregnating all wood surfaces before painting.

Clearcoat / paint:
- Sikkens Autoclear Plus HS 2K clear and matching hardener + thinner is what I use. I use also spraycan white basecoat and 1K House of Kolor fluo paint that I apply with an airgun.

- You must use a really good 2-component (2K) paint or clear coat system that can withstand the high-nitro content in the fuel.

Have fun building!

Model Boater goes 98.8 MPH in fullsize electric hydro

Its not a slow boat for shure...

About 3 minutes into it he comes back. Its a two part video shot at different locations.

This is just 2 cool. Period. Michael Bontoft in the US has done a race with his fullscale hydroplane boat outfitted with an electric motor and Li-Po RC batteries to an average SAW speed of 98.8 MPH and a one way pass of 102 MPH. Thats 159 & 164 kmt. Lost of batteries and lots of chargers... :)

Basic specs: 133 Volt, Enerland Li-Pos, brushed motor, about 75 hp, max 900 amps and a 7.7" prop at 8200 rpms.

I think this is the fastest electric driven man-operated boat now (still unofficial by UIM etc).

NAVIGA WC 2008 Leno Italy

I have finally updated and uploaded all my pics from this years NAVIGA RC Boat World Championships held in Leno Italy this past August. Klick the link here below and you get to 30 pages of pics from the two weeks we had in Italy. Its in total 295 pics in the album and its from FSR-O, H and V - enjoy.

Ps, its me to the far right (6:th but should be 5:th in V3.5) and Fredde on top of the world... ;)

NAVIGA 2008 Picture gallery

Friday, November 28, 2008

Róisí Murphy - Let Me Know

This video made me buy the CD album Overpowered... :) A perfect Friday evening start-me-up song!

Edlund Racing 1:10 Volvo S40

And to sum up this nostalgical S40 blogg, here's some pics of the vacume mold of the body and wings. R.I.P.

Milko Tenthof's S40 with an Dale Earnhardt painjob. Everything is painted except the small sponsor logos. Also a prototype EVO3 body. I think this is one of very few RC items Milko still have from his time at Serpent.

Milko Tenthof's S40 - I used an old Hobbynox transparent yellow for his bodies. They looked like gold. This was a prototype EVO3 body with extended rear wheel arcs.

Milko Tenthof's S40

Side shot of my own race amber-orange Hobbynox colored S40 body (original colors from the 80's) .

Some nostalic pics of the 235 mm wide bodyshell I made in the later part of the 90's. It has an race record not even Dale Epp can compete with - not even close... :)

It has won 100% of all IFMAR 1:10 IC world championships ever raced! A perfect score. :)

I made three evolutions of it but in the end Serpent couldnt come up to the minimum order limit so it was out of the market.