Monday, January 18, 2016

21 JAE Hydro 2016 Winter Nitro Champs

This might be the best handling JAE Ive seen. It's Ian Inverity's modified JAE 21 at the recent Nitro Winter Championships held in Florida.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hydroträff 2016 & FSR-H Möte!

Boka datumet!
Årets Hydroträff och FSR-H möte är Lördagen den 27 Februari i

Alla hydrointresserade är välkomna!

Ladda hem dagordningen för mötet som pdf HÄR

Anmälan till mötet är obligatoriskt och den skall ske till senast Fredagen den 19/2 klockan 19.00 (förlängt till Söndag den 21/2 klockan 19.00).

Kostnad: 140:- (betalas kontant på plats) - då ingår fika & cateringlunch (fläskfilé, sallad, bröd, mineralvatten/lättöl etc).


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bishop Aeromarine - Phantom II Outriggers

There is a new manufacturer being started called Bishop Aeromarine and it's run by a guy called Joe Bishop. The design of the boats are a bit of a mix of really old school 70's style and some new contemporary designs (according to me). They will sure be interesting to see in action though!

I think each new Phantom II boat will be available in two versions as in "Ultra" and "Elite". Seems like the Elite is run with a ski and the Ultra with two rear sponsons and an exposed drive line - I guess they haven't tested enough yet to decide on which design route to go....!?

This is the old prototype from back in the days (1977) that had an OPS .65 in it. Think they where hard/solid shaft designs.

Phantom II AB Ultra
This is the .21 size Ultra outrigger prototype from Bishop Aeromarine:

Phantom II A1/2A Ultra
This is the "Ultra" version of the .12 size outrigger from Bishop Aeromarine:

Phantom II A1/2A Elite
This is the "Elite" version of the .12 size outrigger from Bishop Aeromarine: