Friday, March 16, 2018

KEP's T3-45 V2 Freebie

Presenting the updated KEP's T3-45 V2 Freebie!

Main KEP’s T3-45 V2 News (compared to the earlier KEP’s T3-45):

  • New Turn-Fin Mount!
  • New Turn-Fin!
  • New Sponsons to accommodate the new turn-fin mount!

Other Features:

  • New Turn-Fin. The new shape makes it more planted on the water and its easier to turn left.
  • New Turn-Fin Mount: The new plate mount is more rigid and is easier to make. It can be made in high strength carbon or hard aluminium.
  • Kick Up. The rear part of the tub bottom has a kick-up of 2 mm (The original T3-45 had that also).
  • Longer sponson ride-pads. Improves rough water handling.
  • Slightly new nose section of the tub. Even more rounded nose block plus a little stretched-out side profile in the nose.
  • 3 mm longer C-C spacing of the sponson tubes. That is to accommodate a slightly bigger tank.
  • Top deck leaning forward. The tub deck where the cowl sits is leaning forward (as it also did on the earlier version).
  • Optional ski designs. The ski’s are the same as the earlier T3-45. The optional ski with strakes on the flat running surface improves the tracking and side stability but it’s bit more difficult to do.
  • Longer fuel cell. The earlier T3-45 tank still fits but now you can make it 3 mm longer for more fuel capacity. It’s more common now to make the tanks in plastic and that takes away volume as they use thicker material.

  • After plane length: 650 mm (26.6")
  • Overall length from transom to the tip of the sponsons: 900 mm (35.45")
  • Outside-Outside sponson spacing: 560 mm (22")
  • Tub length: 796.5 mm (31.36")
  • Tub inside width: 76 mm (2.99")
  • Tub outside width (with 6 mm thick sides): 88 mm (3.46")
  • Tub height: 55 mm (2.16")
  • Sponson width: 34 mm (1.39")
  • Sponson ride pads (removable): 2 x 40 x 200 mm (.079" x 1.57" x 7.87")
  • Ride pads AoA: 3.6°
  • Ski width: 40 mm (1.57")
  • Ski AoA: 1.5°
  • Belly height: 24.8 mm (.98”) (from belly to the drink)

  • Futaba 4PV radio
  • 2x Futaba S3172SV mini servos for channel 2 & 3
  • Futaba BLS571SV low profile steering servo
  • Vapex 1600 mAh 2S LiFe receiver battery
  • 8 x 10 mm pultruded carbon sponson tubes (550 mm long)
  • 10 x 12 mm aluminum tubes for the tub and sponsons
  • 2x12 mm steel pin for securing the sponson tubes (much better then any other securing system we've tried by far).

Fuel Cell Manufacturers:
  • Ian’s Boats - Welded Plastic tanks with brass nipples -
  • Walter Barney - Stainless tanks with brass tubes -
  • John Steltzer - Stainless tanks & stainless tubes -

Note, this is the last giveaway freebie rigger design I have planned to do. So: Build it. Race it. Enjoy! :)

KEP's T3-45 V2 Main Drawing - The Freebie drawings paper size: 980 x 594 mm. Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

KEP's T3-45 V2 Templates Drawing - The Freebie drawings paper size: A1 = 841 x 594 mm. Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

If you have the earlier KEP's T3-45 "V1" - Click HERE for a download of an updated "V2" fin that is adapted for the T3-45 "V1" turn-fin mount. This turn-fin does not fit the T3-45 V2 boat as it has a different turn-fin mount!

This is a size comparison with the KEP's T3-45 V2 (top) and the T3-21 V2 (on the bottom).


Kesjeff said...

Hi and its sad to know you are not going to be giving away anymore free plans. Does that mean you are done designing new one's or are you going to sell them going forward?

One question are you going to offer the zip file for CNC cutting like you did for the 21 and the electric ones for the 45?

Did you ever do anything with the starter box that you had pictures of on your web site? I have Solidworks and would love to help you design the box and make drawings if you are going to give these away in the future.


NE said...

Hi Jeff,

Im not done with designing new boats but they will not be called KEP's any more. The KEP's riggers where meant as freebies and I think Ive fulfilled my share of sharing so to speak :)

We'll see if I upload some cnc cut-files of the boats that are missing those. If I get motivated I might do it this upcoming winter.

Ive done another pit box (more simple) than the one I showed pics of and I might share that one at a later date.


Kesjeff said...

Yes I believe you have done a great job of supporting the hobby all these years and the effort you have put forth.

Good luck on your new adventures and can't wait to see what you come up with next.