Sunday, December 18, 2016

KEP's T3-45 Freebie


Presenting the new KEP's T3-45 Freebie!

Compared to our "T2" prototypes the freebie fortyfive is updated to "T3" specs, which means:
  • Flat sided sponsons - much easier to make (then the elliptical ones we used on the prototypes).
  • Longer sponson ride-pads. Improves rough race water handling.
  • Lower AoA of the sponson ride pads. Improved handling in heat-racing conditions.
  • Improved side profile of the sponsons. Creates less lift and less water drag (from the spray behind the ride pads).
  • Longer after-plane. It makes it a tiny bit better in rough sea (other improved items makes more of a difference though).
  • Wider ski with improved AoA. Better in rough water and it's easier to maintain the overall boat AoA everywhere on the course.

  • After plane length: 650 mm (26.6")
  • Overall length from transom to the tip of the sponsons: 890 mm (35")
  • Outside-Outside sponson spacing: 560 mm (22")
  • Tub length: 785 mm (30.9")
  • Tub inside width: 76 mm (2.99")
  • Tub outside width (with 6 mm thick sides): 88 mm (3.46")
  • Tub height: 55 mm (2.16")
  • Sponson width: 36 mm (1.42")
  • Sponson ride pads (removable): 2 x 40 x 190 mm (.079" x 1.57" x 7.48")
  • Ride pads AoA: Left: 3.4° / Right: 3.7°
  • Ski width: 40 mm (1.57")
  • Ski AoA: 1.5°

  • Futaba 4PV radio
  • 2x Futaba S3172SV mini servos for channel 2 & 3
  • Futaba BLS571SV low profile steering servo
  • Vapex 1600 mAh 2S LiFe receiver battery
  • 8 x 10 mm pultruded carbon sponson tubes (550 mm long)
  • 10 x 12 mm aluminum tubes for the tub and sponsons
  • 2 mm carbon rod for securing the sponson tubes (much better then any other securing system we've tried by far).

Fuel Cell Manufacturers:
  • Walter Barney - Stainless tanks with brass tubes -
  • John Steltzer - Stainless tanks & stainless tubes -
  • Ian’s Boats - Welded Plastic tanks with brass nipples -

Note, this is about the "last" planned giweaway freebie rigger design I have planned to do. At least for quite some time. So: Build it. Race it. Enjoy :)

KEP's T3-45 Main Drawing - The Freebie drawings paper size: 980 x 594 mm. Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

KEP's T3-45 Templates Drawing - The Freebie drawings paper size: A1 = 841 x 594 mm. Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

If anyone want to CNC or Lazer cut it - HERE you can download a zip file with dxf/dwg profiles.

This is a size comparisson with the KEP's T3-45 (top) and the T3-21 on the bottom.

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