Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JAE .21G2 Freebie

I have uploaded the JAE .21G2 pdf's now. Click the links to the bottom of each picture below. The turnfin drawings are included in the "2of4" pdf also but it can be handy to also have it separately so one can print it out on a normal laser printer at 100% - that at least how I do my turnfins.

Do note you can also download the earlier JAE .12G drawings and the new JAE .21G2 drawings from website.

As earlier mentioned will make an CNC kit of the JAE .21G2 rigger. They plan to have it ready early December (this year). I do believe they have a waiting list for the first production run - send Joe @ an email!

ZippKits manual for the kit version - HERE. will also have an hardware kit for the JAE .21G2 available quite soon. That will include a strut, rudder (with water pick-up) and motor mounts.

Click for 1 of 4 PDF.

Click for 2 of 4 PDF.

Click for 3 of 4 PDF.

Click for 4 of 4 PDF.

Click for turn-fin PDF.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Record breaking JAE .21G

At a recent IMPBA record event in Chesapeake, VA - Kently Porter set set some new IMPBA 2-lap records with the new JAE .21G rigger. Kently used the same boat for two classes and two race courses - only changed the (Novarossi) motor I believe...

IMPBA 2-lap 1/4-mile oval records
Class B (3.5 cc) - 16.1 sec
Class C (3.6 to 4.9 cc) - 16.2 sec

IMPBA 2-lap 1/3-mile oval records
Class B (3.5 cc) - 18.66 sec (64.3 mph / 103.48 kmh average)
Class C (3.6 to 4.9 cc) - 18.349 sec (65.4 mph / 105.25 kmh average)

The 1/3 mile course is close to what we race here in Europe (NAVIGA). The 1/4-mile course is crazy tight...!


The picture above is borrowed at the old International Waters gallery.

Here below you can see an overview picture of the basic sizes of the diferent NAVIGA, NAMBA & IMPBA oval courses. The one Kently set his new records at is the blue ones.

Friday, October 9, 2009

JAE .21G Prototype in testing

Here's a Martin Truex Jr. built JAE .21G prototype in testing in South Carolina... Equipped with a Mac 21 with a OPS 3280 pipe and a H7 prop -> it moves! I wished I had a testing lake nearby like that... ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

JAE .21G Prototype

I got some new pics from Rod Geraghty this weekend of the latest (final!?) prototype of the upcoming JAE .21G rigger. If testing goes well this will be the final design. It's currently soon to be painted and then sent south for testing...

And I can also mention that the JAE .21G drawings will be available and down-loadable here from this blog site and it will also be available as a CNC-cut kit from later on. I will keep you informed!

Building is fun! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

My take on the JAE style of riggers

Here's my take on the latest outrigger buzz - the "jap" style of hydroplanes. I call mine "Yap's 21". It's based on 21-sized drawings from Rod Geraghty but its slightly changed. I have only tested it briefly and it's in by no means up to speed or race ready. But even though I was breaking in the new O'Donnell SS21 engine in it, it still was plenty fast by Swedish standards at the latest nats in Eksjö.

The general performance of my boat was that it runs really, really light on the water. Actually a little too light on the front sponsons especially in race conditions. But with that said, it never flipped over even though the sponsons where WAY out of the water wobbling etc. A Kep's 21 would have been up-side-down long time ago if it would be set-up that loose. :)

(Update October 5: I just realized that when testing it I had it set-up completely wrong. The AoA of the tub was at an too steep angle making it run too light in the front. The sponson tubes where about 2 mm to low in the tub! Oops. And its too cold here now to test it with the right set-up...)

Do note - this will never be an freebie drawing from me. I will leave that to the JAE team and I'll upload their JAE .21 drawing (and the other JAE drawings also later on) if that/they come available.

So the pics below is mainly to get you inspired for building a rigger yourself and in particular a "JAE" style one of course! Have fun building!

HERE's the info of the JAE .12G kit available from ZippKits.

Wanna build a JAE .12G (formely known as JAP .12G) from a freebie drawing? If so, klick HERE.

All action pics are by Mattias Kratz.