Monday, November 30, 2015

KEP's FE-4SL (P-Limited) Freebie

NOTE! I'm currently in the process of updating the FE-4SL so there will be an updated version later this fall or early winter 2017. (it's mainly the turn fin and the turn fin mount that is improved)

Freebie drawing of a P-Limited 4-cell LiPo Brushless in-runner Outrigger Electric Hydroplane.

Note, this KEP's FE-4SL is a P-Limited 4 cell outrigger that is mostly run in the US with a spec motor (Aquacraft 36-56-2030KV). The boat can be fitted with motors with physical dimensions of 36 mm diameter and 56-65 mm long.

If you plan to use a bigger motor then that there is now an P-Open class rigger also called KEP's FE-4S. That suits motors of either 36 or 40 mm diameter and up to 74 mm long. Click HERE for info of that.

  • Tub Length: 660 mm (25.98")
  • Total Length, from transom to sponson tips: 735 mm (28.94")
  • Tub Width: 84 mm (3.31")
  • Tub Height: 51 mm (2")
  • After Plane: 518 mm (20.39")
  • Sponson Length: 432 mm (17")  
  • Sponson Width: 23 mm (.09")
  • Sponson Ride-Pad Width: 30 mm (1.18")
  • Sponson AoA: 3.9°
  • Ski Width: 30 mm (1.18")
  • Ski AoA: 1.3°

The main drawing of the KEP's FE-4SL (1of2). Download it HERE. The PDF size is A1 = 841x594 mm. When you have had this printed out in 100% size you will cut the lower part away to make the actual templates etc. (Note, the 1of2 pdf is updated as the first one wrongly stated that the height of the ski itself should be 23 mm where it in fact should be 22 mm. The drawing itself was/is correct though - it was just the text that was wrong)

The complementary drawing of the KEP's FE-4SL (2of2). Download it HERE. The PDF size is A1 = 841x594 mm. This one includes some extra info, extra measurements and some set-up tips etc.