Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday vacation

Micke and me took the monday off and went to Oxelösund for some RC boating! Needless to say we where the only ones there (it was a monday!). I had made some new development turn-fins to test on my new Kep's 21 '09 rigger and I learned some more things... Micke even tested them on his old Kep's "freebie" and we learned a little there also... I will modify one of them for the race in Ludvika and the testing will continue. My new 3.5 cc off-shore boat was in the drink also for the first time. The engine isn't broken in yet (Sirio S21 CL3) but I think its promising - I havent raced off-shore since many, many years...

Micke throws the Kep's in the juice.

Well... It's me... :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Invitation SM2 Hydro & OTA

This info will be in Swedish (invitation to the second Swedish nats in Hydro & tunnel boats).

Årets andra SM deltävling i hydro och OTA körs om två veckor i Ludvika.

Här finner ni den officiella inbjudan på SMBF's hemsida. Men om ni läser vidare här nedan så har ni samma information.

Inbjudan SM-2
Karlskoga RC Båtklubb inbjuder till SM-2 i Heat Racing den 27 & 28 juni 2009 i Sundviken i sjön Rämen norr om Ludvika.

Tävlingen omfattar FSR-H3.5, FSR-H7.5, FSR-H15 och OTA.

Klasserna H3.5 och H7.5 körs på lördagen - första start klockan 10.00.

Träning klockan 9.00-09.45 för klass H3.5. Träning för klass H7.5 under lunchtimmen.

På söndagen körs klass H15 och OTA med första start klockan 10.00. Körschemat bestäms efter väderutsikterna.

Medlemskap i SMBF skall kunna styrkas. Tävlande skall med anmälan uppge sina tilldelade frekvenser eller fyra olika godkända frekvenser om ingen finns tilldelad.
Anmälan skall sändas via e-mail till Christer Gustafsson senast 5 dagar för tävlingsdatum. Anmälan är bindande, vilket innebär att avgift skall betalas oavsett start eller inte. Startavgiften betalas vid registrering på plats.

Skicka din anmälan med e-mail till Christer Gustafsson.

Startavgift är 150 kr för första båten/klassen och sedan 50 kr per båt/klass. För juniorer är avgiften 75 kr för första båten/klassen och 25 kr per båt/klass.

Det finns en samlingsplats i anslutning till sjön där det finns plats för husvagnar och tält.

Upplysningar: Roland Jansson, telefon 0225-60309.

Det här är vyn från dommartornet på den högra delen av hydro-ovalen.

Campingen är inte större än så här... ;)

Det här är vyn från dommartornet på den vänstra delen av hydro-ovalen.

Detta är hela tävlingsplatsen. Tajt och gemytligt. :)

Det tar cirka 20 minuter med bil från Ludvika (mot Borlänge).

En 3D bild över tävlingssjön hämtad från www.hitta.se...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pics from Eksjö

My 3.5 boat in action.

My Falcon II 3.5 cc boat with Futaba 4PK FASST™ radio. I use one of few CMB RSV-07 engines that runs good in the V-boats... I use Sirio S7 Turbo cold plugs and 40% fuel with 8% Klotz Original Techniplate (synthetic) and 7% Klotz Benol oil (recin).

This is me with my Falcon II boat built by Tony Forslund - I won the 3.5 final in the windy conditions.

The Eksjö club did a good job with the race - this is some of them. :)

Micke Fridh diggin hard into the wet.

Timo Aarnio from Finland.

Sometimes sunny but mostly WINDY.

On Sunday it was actually getting warmer and warmer but the wind was still blowing from the north.

You could pull tree logs with this monster. It was very calm in the windy conditions though and ended up "fastest" in the "moped" class (35 cc).

The Juniors during the 3.5 final.

Fredrik Pedersén dominated the 3.5 cc junior final from start to finish.

Conny was fast in the final - he finished 6:th in 7.5 cc.

Christian Fridh looking kool.

Fredrik doing some FSR-V style driving for the first time.

NAVIGA all-mighty "The Shaft" from the lower lands had floater shoes on.

Sune's 35 boat was good but it leaked water so he did not start in the final.

This was Jan-Olof Hammarling's first ever RC race - he did good in the 35 cc class.

Fredde & Micke.

This is the second time I meet Sune Persson. He's 70+ and still going... :)

Fredde Cederberg was fast but didn't like the windy conditions.

Local FSR-V "Rookie" Fredrik Karlsson had fun even though he didn't make the final.

Christian Fridh's 3.5 in action - he ended up in second place.

The rescue boat guys did a super job! :)

Lennart Jerksten in action.

Staffan Zetterlund in 3.5 - he finished third.

Christian Fridh in the blue boat and Lennart Jerksten in the "girly" paint job ride. ;)

We even had a competitor from "Czechoslovakia" here.

More pics from the race can be found here and here.

Results Eksjö FSR-V June 13-14

This past weekend we where in Eksjö for the third Swedish nats of '09 in FSR-V (my first FSR-V race of the season). The weather predictions where not so good and the weather guys where not completely wrong... :(

The worst wind direction for this lake is from the north - and from the "polar circle" the wind came... In force. In qualifying on Saturday it was not sooooo bad but on Sunday finals it was not funny.

FSR-V 3.5 Juniors
1. Fredrik Pedersén / 49 laps 29 minutes 37,94 sek / Stockholm MBC
2. Jesper Nilsson / 26 laps 24 minutes 2,25 sek / Stockholm MBC
3. Ola Toivola / 23 laps 24 minutes 57,18 sek / Hydrokilta (Finland)
4. Magnus Hammarling / 14 laps 27 minutes 3,09 sek / Stockholm MBC
5. Matilda Stenström / DNS / Eksjö RC

FSR-V 3.5 (Seniors)
1. Niklas Edlund / 51 laps 30 minutes 5,96 sek / Oxelösunds MSK
2. Christian Fridh / 39 laps 30 minutes 31,38 sek / Blekinge MBK
3. Staffan Zetterlund / 37 laps 30 minutes 33,49 sek / Team Middle-Aged Men
4. Peter Ingloff / 35 laps 30 minutes 8,10 sek / Team Middle-Aged Men
5. Michal Sloup / 34 laps 28 minutes 57,33 sek / Praha 4 (Czechoslovakia)
6. Roy Pettersson / 33 laps 30 minbutes 25,08 sek / Team Middle-Aged Men
7. Jürgen Neußel / 27 laps 30 minutes 17,25 sek / MRC Kaufungen (Germany)
8. Timo Aarnio / 23 laps 30 minutes 10,90 sek / Hydrokilta (Finland)
9. Horst Müller / 12 laps 8 minutes 1,06 sek / MSV Stadthagen (Germany)
10. Lennart Jerksten / 10 laps 9 minutes 19,62 sek / Lerum MBK
11. Fredrick Cederberg / 5 laps 13 minutes 51,51 sek / Stockholm MBC
12. Peter Schaft / DNS / Holland
13. Fredrik Karlsson / Eksjö RC

FSR-V 7.5 (Seniors)

1. Jürgen Neußel / 61 laps 30 minutes 17,62 sek / MRC Kaufungen (Germany)
2. Michael Fridh / 51 laps 30 minutes 19,74 sek / Blekinge MBK
3. Ted Cronqvist / 45 laps 30 minutes 16,14 sek / Skånes MBS
4. Fredrick Cederberg / 44 laps 30 minutes 7,26 sek / Stockholm MBC
5. Timo Aarnio / 38 laps 26 minutes 18,66 sek / Hydrokilta (Finland)
6. Conny Nilsson / 26 laps 27 minutes 42,95 sek / Stockholm MBC
7. Lennart Jerksten / 24 laps 11 minutes 34,23 sek / Lerum MBK
8. Owe Holmstedt / 24 laps 27 minutes 55,45 sek / Lerum MBK
9. Anders Stenström / 20 laps 27 minutes 45,70 sek / Eksjö RC
10. Horst Müller / 18 laps 9 minutes 15,86 sek / MSV Stadthagen (Germany)

FSR-V 15 (Seniors)
1. Staffan Zetterlund / 64 laps 30 minutes 13,19 sek / Team Middle-Aged Men
2. Ted Cronqvist / 59 laps 30 minutes 0,32 sek / Skånes MBS
3. Peter Ingloff / 52 laps 30 minutes 22,45 sek / Team Middle-Aged Men
4. Fredrick Cederberg / 47 laps 30 minutes 21,26 sek / Stockholm MBC
5. Pavel Vejvoda / 37 laps 30 minutes 18,17 sek / Czechoslovakia
6. Fredrik Pedersén (Junior) / 35 laps 30 minutes 27,24 sek / Stockholm MBC
7. Ola Toivola (Junior) / 31 laps 29 minutes 6,72 sek / Hydrokilta (Finland)
8. Anders Wikenfors / 25 laps 30 minutes 20,00 sek / Team Middle-Aged Men
9. Magnus Hammarling (Junior) / 23 laps 17 minutes 29,21 sek / Stockholm MBC
10. Michal Sloup / DNS / Praha 4 (Czechoslovakia)

FSR-V 35 (Seniors)
1. Helmut Stockmann / 58 laps 30 minutes 21,04 sek / Germany
2. Jan-Olof Hammarling / 42 laps 30 minutes 4,88 sek / Stockholm MBC
3. Fredrick Cederberg / 25 laps 25 minutes 23,20 sek / Stockholm MBC
4. Sune Persson / DNS / Eksjö RC

All drivers are Swedish if nothing else is noted.

The complete results can be found here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oxelösund pics

After the race when they pulled the cable out of the water from the permanent clock tower and the pontoon it got hooked to something in the water... It was a stripped down (stolen) moped! I doubt it will start... ;)

A couple of TT Bandits in action. The new Bandit II boat is nowhere in sight on the Swedish market though. Maybe we will see it at the next nationals!?

Mikael Sundgren's heavily weighted VS1.

Fredrik Lundahl is the green Bandit without windscreen...

Happy dudes on the pontoon before a tunnel heat.

Eventual winner Christer Burström sneeks by the "sitting duck" of Mikael Sundgren.

Where did it go? ;)

Thomas Ljungström's HTB 260.

Christer Burström again - his HTB 290 was super good in the difficult conditions... but it's good when it's smooth water also...

Christer is passing Juha Honkanen's newly-fresh-from-paint Aquacraft VS1.

The K&B equipped VS1 of Micke was way too light for the conditions... It weights under 2 kg RTR. But with some taped down with duct-tape-left-over-hand-tools on the deck it was drivable... ;)

Mattias Bengtsson's TT Bandit does what it does best...

Torbjörn Carlson's good old Aquacraft TS2 looked good.

If U turn left like this... ;)

Christer Burström in action.

Sune Persson from the Eksjö is pulling a wheelie on the cross-wind straigh-away.

Sune in action again.

Fredrik Karlsson with his TT Bandit.

Christer Sjögren racing his Aquacraft VS1 with an according-to-him tired old OS...

Local dude Bengt Björkhage is back.

One of Bengt's riggers.

Anders Martinelle with one of his in-famouse pink riggers.

Mats Aldell is a new contestant for Let's Dance - LOL.

Nicklas Ericksson had a good weekend in hydro 15 cc and the tunnels.

Ellert's rigger is digging hard into the wet.

Fredrik Lundahl's Taipan 45 was the best 7.5 hydro today.

Fredrik Lundahl's Taipan 45 was the best 7.5 hydro today.

Mikael Sundgren finished second in hydro 3.5 with his Kep's 21.

He managed to save it before hitting the pontoon...