Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oroshaza day 6 - saturday

The last two rounds of qualifying of the off-shore nitro classes today... Weather is good so far (but it rained later in the afternoon) and less wind then yesterday.

Off-shore 3.5 cc Juniors total results.

Off-shore 3.5 cc Seniors total results.

Off-shore 7.5 cc Seniors total results.

Off-shore 15 cc Seniors total results.

Weather forcast the next few days:

Oroshaza day 5 - friday

Off-shore 35 cc and all hydro classes qualifying today - 50% of our qualifying done today - the last 2 rounds on sunday. Beautiful weather, quite hot (about 28-29 deg C) and reasonable bad air (700 density meters).

In my Q1 (H3.5) heat I was quite late at the start but was second after Jörn Markset quite soon and I was quite happy and safe with the 300 points that would mean (I did not push at all). But Jörn's boat stopped on the last lap and I won! 400 points - nicers. :) In that first round the wind was quite high and it was rough waters. I had after my last practice made some set-up change and lowered the AoA of the front sponsons and also lowered the AoA of the complete tub. That felt really, really good! Booth in this rough water heat and my (calmer weather) Q2 heat.

The Q2 heat for me was on smoother water in the afternoon and the new set-up felt even better! I felt like I had complete control and the push in and out of the corners was really good. I won that heat also. :)

I'm after two rounds split #1 in qualifying with Kjell-Gunnar Noddeland - but still two Q rounds to go (on sunday). Tomorrow is the last off-shore Q3-4 rounds in 3.5, 7.5 and 15 cc.

Pictures from the official worlds site.

Results in MS word after 2 rounds.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oroshaza day 4 - thursday

Off-shore 3.5, 7.5 & 15 cc qualifying started today. Off-shore 35 and hydro starts tomorrow. We were'nt at the lake all day - we arrived at about 15.00. Its actually another world championships about 30 minutes away with control line airplanes. Some of that was quite cool like 2.5 cc speed and team-racing... More pics in another separate article. Today it was hot and the air quality was really bad, on my Kestrel weather station it has never been this lack of "air" ever. In the afternoon it was over 800 density meters (Oroshaza is about 120 meters over sea level) and 31 deg C.

Im starting in heat #1 tomorrow in H3.5 @ 10.00 in the morning. :)

3.5 cc off-shore qualifying after two rounds.

7.5 cc off-shore qualifying after two rounds.

15 cc off-shore qualifying after two rounds.

Pictures from the official worlds site.

Results in MS word after 2 rounds.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oroshaza day 3 - wednesday

Its registration day 2day and we dont plan to do any more testing. The registation is right outside our hotel so that was easy. Right now we're at the hotel room checking the set-ups on my set-up board. Booth my and Mickes riggers where a little too light on the front sponsons so we migth lower the AoA slightly on the front sponsons... We'll see.

Micke's stack of riggers.

The registration tent.

My boats for the worlds - the Falcon II on top will need to wait for getting wet until next week... :)

Russian rigger in registration.

Russian again... 7.5? Looks like a 6.5 aero engine...

His 3.5 had simillar design ideas.

Italian riggers.

Team Finland boats.

Pics from the opening ceremony:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oroshaza day 2 - tuesday

Today was free practice for off-shore and hydro. 15 minutes H, 15 minutes O, 15 minutes H etc... At times it was a little bit too hectic with too many dead boats and two rescue boats in the course... The air quality is quite bad also so there is not that much excessive power so to speak. And when testing together with all sizes of riggers (I only race 3.5 cc) the water roughness could be slightly too much at times. But over all I'm happy with today's testing of my #1 & #2 Kep's.

Here's some pics from today:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oroshaza day 1

We're on location in Oroshaza and obviously also on-line at the hotel! I've just put the riggers on charge, taken a #1 and a shower. :) The weather is a little chilly (18C) and its grey skyes with some rain.

Ciao for now, your man @ the worlds... / Niklas

Update: we've been to the race lake & camping area now. Looks good. :) There will be some issues regarding parking for the cars though and there is quite a long walk from where we can enter the "arena" and where the pits are... And we need to carry the stuff by hand on on a trolly you have brought with you...

There is food, drinks, beer vendors about 50 meters from the pits and drivers pontoon! And also there is an open pool about 10 meters from the pits! Nicers. :)

This is the race site from the left. The grey elevated area is the swiming pool.

The race/driving/referee pontoon from the backside-right. The AMB lap counting is under the white tent to the left (dual systems).

To the closest right is the ready-box just behind the driving stand. The tents in the background is where the pits will be and you can also see the open pool behind the tents.

The right hand turn on the oval. Its plenty of space.

The left hand side of the oval course - its plenty of space here also. The two pontoons out in the water is the amb loop holder to the elft and the right one is where the starting clock will be.

The tent roofs will distract the race view if you plan to be in your swim trunks and watch the race. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 NAVIGA FSR World Championships

The NAVIGA RC boat world champs is held every other year and now its time for the biggest RC boat race in Orosháza Hungary starting July 27.

This time its 384 registered competitors from 31 countries around the world!

This is the official site of the championships - dont know how much that will be updated during the race though.

I hope to be able to update my blog at some extent during the 2 weeks we are there but I don't promise anything... ;)

If you need to contact me you can do so through my hotmail adress: keps21-06 @ (remove the space before and after the @).

See you in a few days in Orosháza! / Niklas

We will start our journey down south on Saturday and we plan to be on location from mid-day Monday the 26:th. The trip is an whopping 2149 km drive from the middle of Sweden and a 7/8H ferry run to northern Germany, though the Czeck republic and a short run through Slovakia and then into Hungary...

Over view of the race pond and the spa resort its held at.

From last years European Champs held there.

The normal 2.5 minute FSR-H and O starting clock is somewhat confusing as its a 30 second lap and a light system... But they seem to have updated it with a count down digital clock also - super!

The race site is a spa resort with many swimming pools - I would guess these chaps sit about 70 meters from the race/driving pontoon! :)

This pool will not be open during the race I think.