Monday, September 25, 2017

New 8S SAW World Record - 314KMH!

Jörg Mrkwitschka beat his own 8S straightaway world record at the recent SAW event at the Olympic canoe pond in Munich with an amazing 30 kmh!

314.426 kmh (195.38 mph) 2-way average speed

His old record set in 2016:
285.393 kmh (177.335 mph)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fast Japanese SAW riggers

These videos are from what I think is a recent SAW event in Japan:
• .21 Rigger: 191 kmh (118 mph)
• .46 Rigger: 203 kmh (126 mph)
• .91 Rigger: 213 kmh (132 mph)

(Im not sure if these are the results from the event or if they are the national records)

Fast JAE21

Ian Inverarity's old JAE 21 rigger with a NR21 DD engine. It screams!