Wednesday, November 15, 2017

iMBRA WC 2018 Update November 15th

iMBRA Update November 15th
Just to let you know, registration form to be sent to all international federation is nearly ready to go : we are just missing confirmation for the banquet.
In the meantime, shall we remember information posted on November 1st below. Regarding campsite near the lake, as many of you asked info, facilities will be like in Haarlem or Oudenaarde, from those who know those place! i.e 2 blocks of each (toilet/showers) at 2 different places.
Following our last visit to EGLETONS, here are the latest information we can provide.
  • IBIS: It would seem that the that manager has decide to block out half of his hotel to his regular guests, which means there might not be much availability. There is a chance that some of the reserved rooms might be released in February.
  • OTHER HOTELS: There are rooms still available, so please contact them directly.
The manager is kindly offering a 10% discount that is available on rooms that are booked up to the end of December.
The bookings from run from Saturday to Saturday and prices can be seen below per person.
  • Adult (16+): 415 Euro – with 10% Discount: 373 Euro
  • Young Person (12 to 15): 373 Euro – with 10% Discount: 335 Euro
  • Children (6 to 11): 332 Euro – with 10% Discount: 298 Euro
  • Children (3 to 5): 290 Euro – with 10% Discount: 261 Euro
  • Children (0 to 3): Free
The (Village Vacances le lac) fares includes:
  • A room of 2 single beds, bathroom, breakfast and dinner. Some of rooms can be “connected” (IE 4 people) or a 3:rd bed can be added for young children.
  • Supplement of 15 Euro per night if used as a single (room).
  • Please contact them at: to pre-book the room (required information; names, number of people, ages, and period of stay)
  • Payment is sent directly to VILLAGE VACANCES LE LAC, and is not part of iMBRA WC Registration. iMBRA cannot accept any responsibility for issues regarding accommodation, but we will do what we can to help if there are problems. Once the booking is officially opened we can advice you.

  • CAMPSITE across the lake: Please contact them directly
  • CAMPSITE around the lake: to be asked on IMBRA WC registration form.

See you all soon,
France iMBRA and the iMBRA Committee
Source & France iMBRA on Facebook

Thursday, October 26, 2017

iMBRA WC2018 Update

iMBRA World Championships 2018 - Update

October 26, 2017

Good Morning Racers,

Plans are well underway for the 2018 iMBRA World Championships in Egletons, France, and we just wanted to share with you some information on how it's all going.

The official invite and registration forms are nearly completed, and will be sent out as soon as we have finalised all organisation with Egletons’ City team. A Meeting is due at the end of October and we will update you as soon as possible. 

The organisation team are working with all the local hotels and campsites to make sure that there is something for everyone, There is a map of the venue that might help you to make your decision, and there is a list of hotels etc. 
For those who only wish to be in a hotel, the closest is IBIS and as far as we know this can be booked from today.
Opposite to the lake is the “Village vacances le Lac”. The Manager has asked that people do not make enquiries or bookings until January 2018. However, you already can have a look on web , but we will you all as soon as books are being taken.

There are also a number of Bed & Breakfast available in and around the town.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and the website for more information and news about the 2018 World Championships.

Best regards to you all.

France iMBRA Team

Dates Reminder for the World Championships will be as follows:
Hydro & Offshore: 
Monday July 30th- Registration
Monday July 30th to Friday, August 3rd- Training and races
Saturday August 4th- Finals
Sunday August 5th (evening)- iMBRA Open Meeting 

Monday August 6th- Registration only
Monday August 6th to Friday August 10th- Training and races
Saturday August 11th (Morning)- Finals

Thursday, October 19, 2017

H & O Sektionsmöte samt R/C Båt Träff 2017!

Sektionsmöte för FSR-O & H samt R/C Båt Träff

  • Datum: Lördagen den 25 November 2017
  • Plats: Minicarshuset Enköping
  • Samling: 09.30
  • Start: 10.00
  • Lunch: Om ni önskar lunch så kostar den 140:- i kontanter eller Swish
  • Anmälan: Obligatorisk och bindande vad gäller lunchen. Anmäl er senast Söndagen den 19:e November till – var god notera vid anmälan hur många ni kommer och hur många lunch ni önskar.
Dagordning (provisorisk):
  • 09.30-10.00: Ankomst & fika/frukost
  • 10.00: Sektionsmöte FSR-O & FSR-H (se länkad dagordning)
  • 13.00: Lunch
  • 14.00: Fortsättning av mötet och efterföljande R/C Båt snack tills vi tröttnar...

Monday, September 25, 2017

New 8S SAW World Record - 314KMH!

Jörg Mrkwitschka beat his own 8S straightaway world record at the recent SAW event at the Olympic canoe pond in Munich with an amazing 30 kmh!

314.426 kmh (195.38 mph) 2-way average speed

His old record set in 2016:
285.393 kmh (177.335 mph)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fast Japanese SAW riggers

These videos are from what I think is a recent SAW event in Japan:
• .21 Rigger: 191 kmh (118 mph)
• .46 Rigger: 203 kmh (126 mph)
• .91 Rigger: 213 kmh (132 mph)

(Im not sure if these are the results from the event or if they are the national records)

Fast JAE21

Ian Inverarity's old JAE 21 rigger with a NR21 DD engine. It screams!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

80's hydro pics

Old hydro pic's from the 80's
Photos by André Holster Westerberg

You can find them all (and more) at THIS LINK in bigger size also.

André Holster Westerberg's own designs Scorpio .46

I think this is Mikael "Sunken" Sundgren's Daffy 21

I still have one of these Octura T-shirts

Think this is from an early world championships with eager racers trying to figure out the secret behind Kenneth Lundqvist's riggers

The hydro legend - Kenneth Lundquist

 Anders Ydergård's Daffy 45

 Anders Ydergård with assistance from Fred Brihagen

Bengt Loryd's Dart 45

Bengt Loryd

Laydown engine in this Crapshooter

Christer Gustafsson

Ellert Ohlzon & Dart 45

Roland Jansson & Wing Ding

Jörgen Andersson @ Hacksjön

Jörgen Andersson @ Hacksjön

Jörgen Andersson's fleet of riggers @ Hacksjön. Two Crapshooters and his "Svarten" SAW boat

Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter

I think this is Kalle Schenning's Daffy 21 SAW rigger

I think this is Kalle Schenning's Daffy 21 SAW rigger

I think this is Kalle Schenning's Daffy 21 SAW rigger

 Kenneth and other rigger dudes @ Hacksjön

Bengt Loryd & Dart 45

 Bengt Loryd & Dart 45

Anders Ydergård & Daffy 45

 Fred Brighagen

 Benny Lindholm


Crapshooter action

Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter 21

 Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter 45

 Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter 21

Jörgen Andersson fleet

Tasteful graphics

I do believe this is Mr Sunken himself (Mikael Sundgren) with his Daffy 21

André Holster Westerberg's Scorpion 46 drawings

Jörgen Andersson's Crapshooter 21 from Hacksjön (it's most likely me also in the background to the left)

Jörgen Andersson and Anders Ydergård (Daffy designer) @ Hacksjön

Jörgen Andersson launching Anders Ydergård's Daffy 21 @ Hacksjön

Monday, August 14, 2017

Even more build pics of two KEP's FE-4S

The build blog is now updated with more pics and even of the complete boat as one of them now has  been tested! :)

R/C Boat Meeting pics

Saturday August 12:th we had an small R/C Boat Meeting in our home pond in Oxelösund.

The weather forecast looked very bad with scheduled levels of rain and some thunder but we where really lucky and it was warm all day with zero rain!

Due to the weather forecast the turn-out wasn't that great but we where around 20 people anyways.