Friday, March 16, 2018

KEP's T3-45 V2 Freebie

Presenting the updated KEP's T3-45 V2 Freebie!

Main KEP’s T3-45 V2 News (compared to the earlier KEP’s T3-45):

  • New Turn-Fin Mount!
  • New Turn-Fin!
  • New Sponsons to accommodate the new turn-fin mount!

Other Features:

  • New Turn-Fin. The new shape makes it more planted on the water and its easier to turn left.
  • New Turn-Fin Mount: The new plate mount is more rigid and is easier to make. It can be made in high strength carbon or hard aluminium.
  • Kick Up. The rear part of the tub bottom has a kick-up of 2 mm (The original T3-45 had that also).
  • Longer sponson ride-pads. Improves rough water handling.
  • Slightly new nose section of the tub. Even more rounded nose block plus a little stretched-out side profile in the nose.
  • 3 mm longer C-C spacing of the sponson tubes. That is to accommodate a slightly bigger tank.
  • Top deck leaning forward. The tub deck where the cowl sits is leaning forward (as it also did on the earlier version).
  • Optional ski designs. The ski’s are the same as the earlier T3-45. The optional ski with strakes on the flat running surface improves the tracking and side stability but it’s bit more difficult to do.
  • Longer fuel cell. The earlier T3-45 tank still fits but now you can make it 3 mm longer for more fuel capacity. It’s more common now to make the tanks in plastic and that takes away volume as they use thicker material.

  • After plane length: 650 mm (26.6")
  • Overall length from transom to the tip of the sponsons: 900 mm (35.45")
  • Outside-Outside sponson spacing: 560 mm (22")
  • Tub length: 796.5 mm (31.36")
  • Tub inside width: 76 mm (2.99")
  • Tub outside width (with 6 mm thick sides): 88 mm (3.46")
  • Tub height: 55 mm (2.16")
  • Sponson width: 34 mm (1.39")
  • Sponson ride pads (removable): 2 x 40 x 200 mm (.079" x 1.57" x 7.87")
  • Ride pads AoA: 3.6°
  • Ski width: 40 mm (1.57")
  • Ski AoA: 1.5°
  • Belly height: 24.8 mm (.98”) (from belly to the drink)

  • Futaba 4PV radio
  • 2x Futaba S3172SV mini servos for channel 2 & 3
  • Futaba BLS571SV low profile steering servo
  • Vapex 1600 mAh 2S LiFe receiver battery
  • 8 x 10 mm pultruded carbon sponson tubes (550 mm long)
  • 10 x 12 mm aluminum tubes for the tub and sponsons
  • 2x12 mm steel pin for securing the sponson tubes (much better then any other securing system we've tried by far).

Fuel Cell Manufacturers:
  • Ian’s Boats - Welded Plastic tanks with brass nipples -
  • Walter Barney - Stainless tanks with brass tubes -
  • John Steltzer - Stainless tanks & stainless tubes -

Note, this is the last giveaway freebie rigger design I have planned to do. So: Build it. Race it. Enjoy! :)

KEP's T3-45 V2 Main Drawing - The Freebie drawings paper size: 980 x 594 mm. Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

KEP's T3-45 V2 Templates Drawing - The Freebie drawings paper size: A1 = 841 x 594 mm. Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

If you have the earlier KEP's T3-45 "V1" - Click HERE for a download of an updated "V2" fin that is adapted for the T3-45 "V1" turn-fin mount. This turn-fin does not fit the T3-45 V2 boat as it has a different turn-fin mount!

This is a size comparison with the KEP's T3-45 V2 (top) and the T3-21 V2 (on the bottom).