Friday, December 19, 2014

New Futaba T4PX Software

If you have the new Futaba T4PX radio - this is a software update you need to do (V1.1E). At least if you have bought it in Europe.

Click HERE.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

FSR-H (OTA) & FSR-O Sektionsmöte & Hydroträff


Då var det dags igen - Hydroträff i Enköping med sektionsmöten för FSR-H (OTA) och FSR-O sektionerna!

  • Datum: Lördagen den 10 Januari 2015
  • 9.00 - Samling / Fika
  • 9.30 - FSR-H (OTA) Sektionsmöte
  • 11.30 - FSR-O Sektionsmöte
  • 13.00 - Lunch
  • Efter Lunchen - Hydroträff tills vi storknar...
  • Kostnad: 140:- (lunch, sallad, bröd och mineralvatten / lättöl). Medtag jämna pengar!
  • Anmälan: - Senast Söndagen den 4 Januari! Obs, anmälan är bindande pga av beställning av lunch catering!
  • Notera: Alla hydrobåt intresserade är välkomna - ni behöver inte vara aktiva med licens - det räcker om ni har ett intresse för radiostyrda hydrobåtar. Anmälan är dock obligatorisk. :)

Medtag gärna egna hydrobåtar och projekt!


Visa större karta

Monday, November 17, 2014

New Swedish Hydro FE-4S Class

Updated draft rules of the new Swedish electric Hydro FE-4S Heatracing class are now published.
(Updated January 14, 2015)
Will you build one?

See also THIS link

Thursday, November 13, 2014

142.9MPH / 229.97KMH SAW World Record

Tyler Garrard just set the fastest ever straight away World Record run at the annual SAW event in Legg Lake outside East Los Angeles.

The new SAW World Record is 142.9MPH average (229.97KMH)! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Eagle SGX45

The new Eagle SGX45 is:
• About 1.5" longer than the previous versions
• About 1/2 pound lighter
Sponsons are longer and narrowed
• Carb space clearance for standard drum intake like VAC/Picco
• Tub is narrowed and has a lower profile
• Tub set higher off water
• Distance between sponsons is greater
• Total width is about the same because of narrowed sponsons

Thursday, August 28, 2014

FSR World -> Now IMBRA

News regarding FSR-World and the new association that will replace it!

"Fellow Racers

As many of you will be aware a new committee was formed at the recent FSR World Championship in Dessau. The purpose of the committee is to establish an organisation to cater for the needs of the V, H & O sections, and to provide a stable foundation to enable our hobby to grow and be successful.
Following Dessau the committee have had many discussions on the best way to proceed and it was decided that two changes were required.
  1. A new name
  2. A completely new organization
We felt that the name FSR is too closely linked to Naviga. Naviga are already advertising next year’s Naviga event in Görlitz as the FSR World Championship 2015. To avoid confusion we felt it was necessary to leave behind any similarities that might associate the new organization with Naviga. Due to English being the common language between most participating countries we felt that IMBRA (International Model Boat Racing Association) would make it clear to everybody who we are and that we are an independent organization.
Deciding to start a completely new organisation was a difficult decision; however after a lot of thought and numerous discussions the committee felt it was the best option for our hobby. Jörg and Martina have done a fantastic job setting up FSR World and providing the platform for a new committee to be elected. We will be forever grateful to them and hope that we will be able to fulfil their motto “run by the racers, for the racers”. Moving forwards it was decided that German Law can be quite complex and looking to the future the organisation needs to be accessible to all current and future committee members.
As stated previously English is the common language of most countries, and by forming the main organisation in England it is hoped that the legal side, constitution, documents etc will be available in a manner that everybody can understand and work with. Legally a minimum of one Director is required to set up a new private company within the UK. (It is likely that we will have a minimum of one Director and one Secretary however this is still to be confirmed). For a small fee it is possible to file a change of Director/Secretary with Companies House so that legally the Director and Secretary will always be current committee members. Any changes to the Director and/or Secretary can be easily filed online therefore making it easily accessible from any country.
Once again we would like to thank Jörg and Martina for all of their hard work and for being brave enough to provide an alternative to Naviga. With Jörg arranging the open election of a committee the racers were able to elect a group of people who are committed to helping our hobby grow and who are focused on improving our sport for the future.
I am sure you will all agree that there is a lot of work to be done and we will try to keep you informed and provide as much information as possible. Please keep visiting the site for further updates and if you have any questions or suggestions please use the contact us page.
We look forward to working with and for you all.
Regards the IMBRA Committee" 

Friday, August 22, 2014

FSR World Organization

Letter from Ian Folkson (the new President of FSR-World):

Fellow FSR Racers

As many of you know in August 2014 the first FSR World Championships was held in Dessau (Germany). 21 Countries attended and a total of 481 boats took part. FSR World was started by Jörg Banasak and a big thank you must go to Jörg and Martina for organizing the Championships.

At the Championships an open meeting took place where many competitors attended and it was decided to make a committee to run FSR World. Nominations were made and the next day all teams were asked to vote.

The Committee voted in to take FSR World further is:
  • President: Ian Folkson (UK)
  • Vice President: Erich Costa (France)
  • Treasurer: Lauren Daniel (UK)
  • Non European Representative: Landon Chin (Hong Kong)
  • V Representative: Robert Mecdorf (Poland)
  • O Representative: Anton Chernenko (Russia)
  • H Representative: Martin Fields (UK)
  • Junior Representative Ross Waumsley (UK)
The committee would like to thank Jörg Banasak for starting FSR World and giving the FSR racers the chance of a new beginning.

After the committee was elected we had two short meetings to discuss what was needed next. We discussed that countries could join FSR World for a low fee of 50 euro per year as at the moment we do not need much money for running costs.

We are looking to hold a World Championship in 2016 for V H & O classes. We have started discussions with some countries but are open to offers from other countries if they wish to hold the Championships either combined or split with H & O or V.

The committee are preparing a list of what is necessary to run a World Championships and once our website is updated it should be available as a download.

We discussed a new rule book which is being worked on now and we discussed changes to how the Championships are held to try and make them better for both racers and the people hosting the event.

We will try to include B and C finals in all classes to give competitors more races.

We will also bring in some sort of rule to stop team driving and deliberate attempts to take another competitor out.

We will look at stronger red cards for abuse of other racers and judges on the pontoon.

We want to introduce maximum half days for the judges and lap-counters as all day is too long to be on the pontoon and still judge properly.

We will be asking countries teams to help at Championships in watching for missed buoys. This will allow the judges to concentrate more on the racing.

We will also be asking teams to provide crews for the rescue boat during the event. This will help organizers who do not have enough volunteers to fill all of the jobs.

We are also planning to give excess money to the country holding the World Championships plus increasing the entry fees and giving this money to the country holding the event.

We also discussed a possible championship/league run over various races during the year and a ranking system to determine the Champion in each class. This could be in Europe and Asia for all classes.

We are open to the ideas and suggestions from our fellow racers and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact any member of the committee with your ideas and we will take them into consideration,

We look forward to working with you all.

Regards the FSR World Committee

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inbjudan SM4 FSR-H & OTA i FRÖVI

Inbjudan till årets sista SM deltävling i Hydro & OTA.

Notera, det är Norrköping som arrangerar men tävlingen körs i Frövi samt att det är en endagarstävling (Lördagen den 13 September).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 FSR-W Championships

Starting Monday July 28 the alternative 2014 FSR Championships in Dessau Germany will kick off with a week of Off-shore and Hydro racing. Then there is a week of FSR-V racing that ends on Friday August 8.

Click HERE for race info, pics and final results.

Instagram pics.

Click HERE for a list of racers that have signed up.

Note, that they have changed their use of NAVIGA rules (as they don't have their own rules) somewhat also.
Click HERE for more info on that.

We wish all the attending FSR racers Good Luck!

FSR-O & FSR-H Qualifying and Finals Schedule:

FSR-V Qualifying & Finals Schedule:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Swedish Nats #3-2014 in Ludvika

That last weekend in June we raced the third Swedish Hydro and OTA Nats in Ludvika. But the attendance was generally very low (not running the H15 & H27 classes either) and the weather was cold and wet. Not the optimum conditions as the lake is a little bit high also above sea level making it difficult to get the high-nitro fuel to burn...

Pics from the race - Click HERE.

OTA 3.5:
  1. Niklas Edlund / 1500p / Aquacraft TS3 / TP21 / O'Donnell 20% RTR / Futaba 4PLS
  2. Owe Holmstedt / 950p / HTB / OS
  3. Torbjörn Carlsson / 725p / Aquacraft TS2
  4. André Holster Westerberg / 75p / Aquacraft TS3 / OS

  1. Niklas Edlund / 1600p / KEP's T2-21 / FX21 / 60% Klotz Fuel / Futaba 4PLS
  2. Fredrik Lundahlt / 1025p / JAE 21 / NR / Futaba
  3. Owe Holmstedt / 850p / KEP's 21-09 / CMB Valvola
  4. Mikael Sundgren / 225p / KEP's T2-21 / FX21 / 60% Klotz Fuel / Futaba

FSR-H 7.5:
  1. André Holster Westerberg / 1425p / Eagle / CMB / Futaba
  2. Niklas Edlund / 1325 p / KEP's T2-45 proto / FW-K45 / 60% Klotz Fuel / Futaba
  3. Mikael Sundgren / 850p / KEP's T2-45 proto / NR45 / 40% Klotz Fuel / Futaba
  4. Fredrik Lundahl / 469p / JAE 45 / AA45 / Futaba

Monday, June 30, 2014

Swedish FE 4S HeatRacing Project

Update Monday November 17 (18.00/6PM): The new draft rules are published - click HERE.

In Sweden we don't race any electric (FE) boats at all. But we have an idea to test some power solutions to come up with a good new FE 4S class for hopefully the 2015 racing season.

This is our main ideas for the new class (so far):
  • About the same size and speed as a normal FSR-H3.5 boat
  • Able to race for the normal 6 race laps on the full FSR oval + some milling time with affordable 4S LiPo batteries
  • Some sort of limit on the motor to prevent it from being too extreme
In the video you can see Claes Meijer's newly built stock JAE 21FE that he bought from Zippkits. The complete hardware kit was also from Zippkits including their 1450 prop. He has used dual parallel connected 4S 3300 mAh LiPo batteries (6600 mAh total) and the run time in this set-up is about 12 laps. The motor is a Neu Castle Creations 1512-2650kv (recommended water cooling jacket) and the ESC is a Swordfish Pro 220A. The overall performance and speed from the motor, batteries and ESC seems to be a good match!

So what do you think - is this the right way to go? :)