Monday, May 23, 2011

TecnoPower M03-21 Inboard Engine

This is the 3rd edition of the TecnoPower "Just Better" MARINE range of competition engines. A competition engine made for winners, including the experience of 3 world championship titles inside!

Want to know how it looks like inside? Click HERE.

The M03 has been developed for marine inboard use. Inside is a new dedicated 3-Port Piston/Liner with a single newly shaped exhaust opening of 181° and a 3-port inlet opening of 129°, the crankshaft inlet has an opening of 35° and closes again at 245°, this combination is a good base for marine use, combined with a normal STD head button, a High Speed main-bearing and TecnoDuro rear-cover this engine will be the engine to watch for 2011 and beyond.

Updated! TecnoPower is now including two extra combustion chambers for turbo glowplugs. One with std volume (same as the std threaded chamber) and also the "V1" high compression chamber for even higher compression.

Tech info:
  • Type: Marine Inboard Engine
  • Size: .21 (3.5 cc)
  • Bore: 16.27 mm
  • Stroke: 16.80 mm
  • Crankshaft: 14 mm SG/SPT (35°/245°)
  • Backplate: TecnoDuro
  • Main-Bearing: 14 mm HS
  • Front-Bearing: 7 mm HS 1Z
  • Cylinder: ABC
  • Intake ports: 3 (129°)
  • Exhaust ports: 1 (181°)
  • Carburator: Not included (15 mm neck dia)
  • Cooling-Head: Marine
  • Glowplug: STD thread (plug not included)
  • Flywheel: Not included
TP M03-21 info.

Swedish retail price: 2671.00 SEK (including 25% VAT)

Euro retail price: €185.90 (+VAT)

Video of the very first tests with the new M03 engine in windy conditions with a new outrigger. The M03 engine in the video is box stock and has about 6 tanks of fuel run through it at the time (Used with a Zoom .21 carb, Solinger flywheel, special 180 deg exhaust manifold & AB parabolic pipe. 60% nitro & 14% Klotz Super Techniplate fuel).

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