Monday, July 17, 2017

Build pics of two KEP's FE-4S riggers

Build pics of two KEP's FE-4S (P-Open) Outriggers
Finally, Ive had some time to build myself a couple of KEP's FE-4S riggers. Note, these are built according to the Freebie plans I have published and it's a scratch built - not a kit.

Note, this post will be updated until the boats are done and tested.

Newer pictures on top - Earlier pics scroll down.


Quite happy how they turned out

The canopy wood plugs are made of pu glued together 15x20 mm basswood strips. The four wood plugs are actually different.

Epoxied to a 1 mm plywood cowl base

Mold gelcoat

The combo FE canopy mold is wet sanded and polished with "autosol" and ready for waxing.

The blue stuff is a mold clay from R&G that s used to make a seal so the gelcoat doesnt creep between the wood plugs and the base and also in all corners. The plugs are held in place with thin double sided tape to the base plate.

Two layers of 80 g fiberglass + transparent epoxy gelcoat

Ski base is framed. All super glued (zap). The material is left overs from the sandwich material used for the tub sides and bulkheads as in 2 mm hard balsa with 1 mm plywood on each side.

The skiis are done. Ready for epoxy sealing. Note they should NOT be glued to the tub! After paint/clear coat they are attached with double sided tape.

Quite a lot more things to be done...

Testing that everything fits before gluing the deck sheet. Castle Edge Lite esc with water cooling added. Mostly TP 4040 motors will be tested.

The sponson top chamfer is optional

Sponson bullet noses done

The sponsons are made out of a divinycell H60 laminated with 1 mm plywood on each side. PU glued used. Then they are rough cut and taped together with thin double sided tape while being shape and holes drilled.

The bottom step sheeting is done with cross ply plywood.

Nose blocks pre-shaped

I ran out of carbon sheet for the transom reinforcements so I used a 1 mm epoxy grp sheet instead. Epoxied in place.

90% shaped and sanded nose block made of glued together gaboon (okumé) plywood.

The tub is upside down. Servo mounts are made of 6 mm thick okumee (gaboon) plywood.

The tub hatch lip base glued on but not cut-out yet

The oval hole in the tub wide is for the power switch external loop

Dual k&s 3/16" brass tubes for cooling of the esc and motor separately if needed.

The electric layout. 

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