Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swedish Bandy final '09

The final bandy game of this season was this past Saturday in Uppsala. The final was between the six-in-a-row Swedish champs Edsbyn and Västerås. This is before the game started. There was just over 20.000 people on the grand stands.

The games are played as two 45 minutes "heats"... ;)

Edsbyn scored at a penalty shot.

The game was really close and this is just before the end when Västerås was leading with 5-4.

Västerås broke the winning streak of Edsbyn with a well deserving 5-4. And this means no more bandy-blogging for me until next winter... ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Logos n' stuff...

I helped out a friend in need with some logos recently... Tom Moorehouse is the guy behind FireFighter Boats and also the guy that runs one of the best RC boating forums in the US - International Waters.

You can check out Toms new webshop where you can buy his championship winning rigger boatplans HERE.

I have also updated the OPS90 blog with some new DF info. Klick HERE and scroll down.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kep's 21 Freebie, no rear sponsons

If you choose not to build any rear sponsons for your Kep's 21 Freebie rigger I recommend you to build this type of prop-support center "shoe" instead... This rigger needs to be light in the rear and it also needs some lift (in the rear). On a nitro rigger the basic lift (in the rear) is done with the propeller, that means you need to run a lifting prop like a ABC H4, H5, H6 or Octura 1445 on it. If you run a non-lifting prop, like a Octura X-series, it will most likely run too wet (in the rear).

The rear sponsons (or a right designed center "ski/shoe") also adds stability and makes the ride angle of the complete boat to be controlled. It accelerates also better out of the corners (with rear sponsons or any other type of prop-support).

This prop-support "ski" will also cover up the flex shaft brass tube and reduce drag. Do note we have never raced our Kep's riggers without any rear sponsons ourselves... Yet. ;)

This illustration shows where the prop-support "ski/shoe" is ment to be attached to the Freebie.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bandy semifinal Sirius-Edsbyn

Just home after watching the semi-final between local team Sirius and the 2004-05-06-07-08 Swedish champs Edsbyn in a lovely game of bandy... Sirius had to win this game or Edsbyn would go to the final... Game ON!

Walking to the arena, it was a LOT of people going there... :)

This is the main stands at the "Studenternas IP" arena. It's already full when we arrived! It was 8975 people watching the game!

The game begins, Sirius had a few really good chances to score but blew everyone of them... Crappers.

Edsbyn scored two times early in the game and its was bye, bye Sirius... :(

This guy was not too unhappy after the game - I wonder if he even knew the score... He was totally hammered and made a little dance for us... And fell of course. Do notice the mandatory Swedish "bandy-thermos". I can bet U that it ain't chocolate in it... LOL

Edsbyn won fair and square. 7-1 says it all. Crap... Crap again. The Swedish final is in 7 days here in Uppsala at this arena where Edsbyn will meet either my home town heroes Saik or Västerås. That semi is not decided yet.

Edsbyn Bandy weblink.

Sirius Bandy weblink.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


A new Swedish/International R/C boating website has just started, go and check it out.


Updated OPS 90 info...

I've updated the OPS 90 "Bi-Metal" blog with more pictures of the internals...
Klick here.

Traxxas GoPro® R/C Hero

Traxxas GoPro® R/C Hero on-board video camera has just hit the market. Be a "hero" and mount it on your R/C boat (waterproof case), R/C car or why not your moped cruising to work... ;)

Product info.

Check out the video promo.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Patrick's FE Kep's version

Patrick Yurkanin from Oregon USA has made his own FE (Fast Electric) version of my Kep's 21 Freebie (Nitro) drawing.

If you have just joined me on this blog and dont know about the Kep's 21 Freebie - click here.

Patrick made his "FE" Freebie with a slightly higher tub so he could fit is 6S 5000mAh Li-Po batteries, Feigao 11x1 brushless motor and a Himodel 125 watercooled and waterproofed ESC. He will be using a Octura X640 to begin with. The tub just needs couple coats of clearcote and Patrick is ready to go.

To be continued... :)

Link to his forum thread (you need to register).

Invitation to "Nymphensee Pokal 2009"

Nymphensee / Brieselang map.

Nymphensee / Brieselang map.

Here's an invitation to a RC-boat race in Germany this spring.

Classes: FSR-V, FSR-H & FSR-O.

May 1-3 2009.

Where? Nymphensee / Brieselang just outside Berlin in Germany.

Weblink to the lake.

Register before April 4 to:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Propeller charts

Updated January 23-2013 with 2010 Octura & ABC catalogs.


The rare JG (Jim Gale) propeller chart.

The JG props seem to still be sold by Dumas Products - visit their website.

Octura 2010 list:

The Octura propeller definition table:

An Octura prop diameter & pitch chart.

Page 4. Sorry about this one - its slightly blurry...

Page 3.

Page 2.

A handy 4-page propeller prop chart with ABC, Octura & Prather propellers. This is page 1.

ABC props by Shaefer Ornamental Iron Co. of Columbus

The original prop charts where posted recently in the International Waters forum from "Larry" and "Jetpack". Thanks!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New OPS 90 "Bimetal"

A new OPS 15 cc engine is on its way... The comments it has got so far has been kind of mixed between its nice that there is more engine manufacturers on the market and that it looks kind of "week"... U be the judge. It will be interesting to see it in action though.

Updated 12/3-09: I've uploaded some new pictures today of the motor...

Updated 10/3-09: According to my sources the OPS 90 "Bi-Metal" engine is available from the Mantua factory now. The retail is €479 in Italy. The engine has a 5+3 ported sleeve which is manufactured as "bi-metal". It looks like the sleeve is std chromed brass but it has another sleeve on its outer diameter also...!? It looks like that outer sleeve is made out of aluminum but no info is available at the moment to confirm it.

March 19 update:
- Combustion chamber is for use with high nitro and use std threaded glowplugs
- The cylinder sleeve/liner is chromed brass with an ergal aluminum sleeve as in "bimetal"
- Piston: "vulcan" type (?)
- Crankshaft: Balanced with three weights (as you could see already on my pics)
- The conrod use needles as bearing
- New carb with 2-needles low & high-speed (the pictures doesnt show that carb though!?)
- Power output: 4.5-5 HP
- Capacity: 14.915 cc
- Stroke: 23 mm
- Bore: 28.72 mm
- Weight: 880 gr (including exhaust manifold, flywheel and "nut")

Update March 21: I got a picture of a ducted fan version of the new OPS90 from a German guy. He had measured the timing on that engine and it's exhaust: 180 deg, transfer/booster: 127 deg, drum intake: total 200 deg (35/55). I dont know if the timings in the marine version is the same though...

Mantua Models website

Send me a mail if you have tested it or any other related info about it. e-mail

The first picture of the complete motor is from "BoBoKwok" at the Prestwich forum