Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JAE .45G - 2011 edition

The J.A.E. Racing gang have just released the new 2011 edition of their JAE .45G outrigger!

JAE .45G 2011 spec:
  • The tub is shorter, narrower, higher above the water and with a updated lower side profile.
  • The after-plane is shorter (T.E. of ski vs T.E. of front sponson ride pads).
  • The rear ski is wider (1.43" now vs 1-3/16"" earlier).
  • The front sponson ride pads have less AoA (now aprox 4.4 deg).
  • The front sponsons upper deck has more negative AoA.
  • The front sponsons are longer (especially towards the rear).
Here you can find some info about the first JAE .45HG version.

As usual, save the pdf's on your favorite storage media (like an USB stick) and go to a printshop (Kinkos or reprographic print shop etc) and have them print the pdfs in 1:1 scale on 30" x 42" paper.

Go fast - turn right! :)

Download the JAE .45G 2011 (1of2) pdf drawings by clicking HERE.

Download the JAE .45G 2011 (2of2) pdf drawings by clicking HERE.

Here is a new comparison picture with the two JAE .45 riggers on top of each other. They are aligned from the trailing edge of the ski as its the rear most contact point of the boat.
  • The new 2011 JAE .45G is the black one.
  • The earlier JAE .45HG is the blue one.

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