Monday, August 29, 2016

Testing KEP's FE-4S "Proto" (P-Open)

  • Motor: TP 4040 (V2) 2900KV (Size: 39.55 x 77.5 mm)
  • ESC: Castle Hydra ICE 240A
  • Batteries: Dual Vapex 4S 3300 in parallel
  • Prop: 1445 3.4 (Andy Brown) 
  • Max RPM (end of straights): 35K (160-180A)
  • RPM in turns: 26-30K (90-130A)
  • Average Ripple: 0.93V
  • Peak Power: 2611W
  • End of run ESC temp: 86°C
Note, the boat in this film is a prototype I built for a friend before finalizing the drawings on the KEP's FE-4S & 4SL Freebie's. So this boat have a turn-fin that is a bit too small = it makes it a bit difficult to keep it in lane #1 with the speed I know is there - one needs to nurse it a bit too much in the turns. Then the ski is a bit too narrow also creating a bit to much load on the motor as it penetrates the drink too much. But note, BOOTH of those items are adressed in the KEP's FE-4S & FE-4SL Freebie drawings.

Freebie Links:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

KEPs FE-4S Prototype

Mikael Sundgren's prototype KEP's FE-4S - here driven with "P-Limited" type of power.

Motor: TFL 36x60 with 2380KV
ESC: Hobbywing Seaking 160A
Batteries: 2x Vapex 4S 2200 mAh in Parallel
Prop: ABC H6

Note, the boat in the video is a prototype built more then two years ago. It's a test-rig that uses our old left-over T2-21 nitro sponsons and ski etc. So the fact that it runs too light on the front sponsons is fixed so to speak to the Freebie drawings that are published.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Inbjudan till SM4 i Oxelösund arrangerad av Sundsvalls Modellbåtsklubb

SM4 FSR-O, FSR-H & OTA i Oxelösund - Arrangerad av Sundsvalls MBK.

Sundsvalls Modellbåtsklubb inbjuder till SM deltävling Off-shore, Hydro och Utombordar Katamaraner helgen den 27-28 Augusti.

Plats: Kylvattendammen vid SSAB i Oxelösund
När: 27-28 Augusti
Klasser: FSR-O3.5, FSR-O7.5, FSR-O15, FSR-O26, FSR-O27, FSR-O35, Hydro FE-4S, FSR-H3.5, FSR-H7.5, FSR-H15 & FSR-27
Notera: Hydro & OTA körs klart på lördagen

R/C Båt Träffen i Oxelösund

Lördagen den 6:e Augusti arrangerade Oxelösunds MSK en R/C Båt träff i Kylvattendammen vid SSAB i Oxelösund. Vädret var bra och det dök upp över förväntan med besökare - totalt gissningsvis runt 30-40 pers (med och utan R/C Båtar) vilket vi är mycket nöjda med!

Tack för visat R/C Båt intresse och vi ses igen!