Monday, June 30, 2014

Swedish FE 4S HeatRacing Project

Update Monday November 17 (18.00/6PM): The new draft rules are published - click HERE.

In Sweden we don't race any electric (FE) boats at all. But we have an idea to test some power solutions to come up with a good new FE 4S class for hopefully the 2015 racing season.

This is our main ideas for the new class (so far):
  • About the same size and speed as a normal FSR-H3.5 boat
  • Able to race for the normal 6 race laps on the full FSR oval + some milling time with affordable 4S LiPo batteries
  • Some sort of limit on the motor to prevent it from being too extreme
In the video you can see Claes Meijer's newly built stock JAE 21FE that he bought from Zippkits. The complete hardware kit was also from Zippkits including their 1450 prop. He has used dual parallel connected 4S 3300 mAh LiPo batteries (6600 mAh total) and the run time in this set-up is about 12 laps. The motor is a Neu Castle Creations 1512-2650kv (recommended water cooling jacket) and the ESC is a Swordfish Pro 220A. The overall performance and speed from the motor, batteries and ESC seems to be a good match!

So what do you think - is this the right way to go? :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cool Video from the Second Swedish Nats 2014

Results SM2 2014 FSR-H & OTA

Sorry for the late update but here are the results from the second nats of the year in FSR-H and OTA. It was held early June in Oxelösund together with the FSR-O classes.

Results from FSR-O is found HERE.

More pics from the race is found HERE.

Download the results as PDF's HERE.

Cool video from the race HERE.

OTA tech info:
1. Niklas Edlund / Aquacraft TS3 / TecnoPower / Futaba
2. Mattias Bengtsson / Aquacraft VS1 / OS / Futaba
3. André Holster Westerberg / Aquacraft TS3 / OS / Futaba

H3.5 tech info:
1. Niklas Edlund / KEP's T2-21 / FX21 / Futaba 4PL
2. Mattias Bengtsson / KEP's T2-21 / NR / Futaba 4PK
3. Mikael Sundgren / KEP's T2-21 / FX21 / Futaba 3PM


Results SM2-2014 FSR-O

Sorry for late update but here are the results from the second Swedish 2014 Nats in FSR-O held in Oxelösund together with FSR-H and OTA in the beginning of June.

Results from FSR-H & OTA is found HERE.

For more pics from the race - click HERE.

Download the results as PDF's HERE

Cool video from the race HERE.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Inbjudan SM3 FSR-H & OTA


Tävlingen kommer köras klar på LÖRDAGEN den 28 Juni  - Dvs inget rejs på Söndagen (29/6).

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NAVIGA FSR Worlds 2015 in Görlitz/Hagenwerder Germany

The location of the next NAVIGA FSR World Championships in 2015 is now official! It will be held in Hagenwerder in Germany, east of Dresden and close to Görlitz, very close to the border to Poland.

The race pond is a bit small but it's actually more space to the left and right of the oval course then at Dessau where the previous NAVIGA Worlds where held in 2012 (it seems). But it's less space (then Dessau) for the top two buoys of the M-course for FSR-V. But overall it looks very good I think!

 The M-course location on the Hagenwerder Naviga FSR 2015 pond.

The Oval-Course on the Hagenwerder Naviga FSR 2015 pond.

As a comparison, the Oval-Course at the Dessau Naviga FSR Worlds 2012 pond (what you can't see in this google map screenshot is that it's a diving tower to the left of the oval course and a pontoon bar protruding also on the left side of the course).

Letter from Naviga:

Naviga World Championship 2015 class FSR
"In May I was in Hagenwerder (Görlitz) Germany for look over the place for the World Championship FSR 2015. The area is a small camping side with a lake, this lake is not so big but big enough for what we need, for training there is very close one lake. Inside the camping there are places, but not enough for all however outside the camping there are green fields where it is possible to stay. During the World Championship there will be a pavilion for the catering and this will be sponsor by the local brewery in the town Görlitz, in this town there are a lot of hotels.

Görlitz is a beautiful old place where the opening and close ceremony will be on the square inside the town. For the meetings and banquet we have to go inside the brewery where they have special places for it. And so we have decided that Görlitz will be the place for the World Championship Class FSR from August 1 to August 15 2015.

In the first week we will run the FSR-V classes and in the second week FSR-H-O.

The Town Görlitz is about 5-6 km from the camping in Hagenwerder.

With regards,

Naviga Vice President / Naviga Section Leader FSR
Peter Schaft"

NAVIGA Source Link

Source Link

Campsite Link

Görlitz Link

Below are pics from Christoph Schneider from the FSR-V race in Hagenwerder held in the spring of 2014: