Friday, December 1, 2017

KEP's T3-21 V2 Freebie

Presenting the updated KEP's T3-21 V2 Freebie!

Main KEP's T3-21 V2 News (compared to the KEP's T3-21 "V1"):

  • New Turn-fin Mount!
  • New Turn-Fin!
  • New Sponsons to accommodate the new turn-fin mount!

Other Features (vs the earlier T2-21):
  • Flat sided sponsons. It really does not matter if the sponson top-view is elliptical, as the earlier T2, or flat sides as the new T3 - there are no performance benefits with elliptical so I changed it to flat sided instead. The new flat sided sponsons are much easier to build also!
  • Longer sponson ride-pads. Improves rough race water handling.
  • Improved side profile of the sponsons. Creates less lift and less water drag (from the spray behind the ride pads).
  • Lower AoA of the sponson ride pads. Improved handling in heat-racing conditions.
  • Longer after-plane. It makes it a tiny bit better in rough sea (other improved items makes more of a difference though).
  • The tub is leaning forward (lower in the front then in the back). Improved ride that overall creates a better stance of the complete boat on the water.
  • Slightly different nose shape of the tub.
  • Wider spacing on the sponson tubes (front & rear). Improved rigidity. As the tub now leans forward the tube centers are also adjusted so they are parallel to the water.
  • Channel 2 & 3 servos sit on either side of the flex and the receiver on the tub floor. Much easier to fit the mini servos.
  • Wider ski with improved AoA. Better in rough water and it's easier to maintain the overall boat AoA everywhere on the course.
  • Optional ski design with rakes on the running surface. Improved side stability in the corners and on the straights.

  • After plane length: 550 mm (21.65")
  • Overall length from transom to the tip of the sponsons: 765 mm (30.12")
  • Outside-Outside sponson spacing: 500 mm (19.69")
  • Tub length: 682 mm (26.85")
  • Tub inside width: 62 mm (2.44")
  • Tub outside width (with 4 mm thick sides): 70 mm (2.76")
  • Tub height: 47 mm (1.85")
  • Sponson width: 23 mm (.91")
  • Sponson ride pads (removable): 2 x 30 x 165 mm (.079" x 1.18" x 6.5")
  • Ride pads AoA: 3.4°
  • Ski width: 35-40 mm (1.38-1.57")
  • Ski AoA: 1.4°
  • RTR Weight (without fuel): around 1650 g (58.2 oz)

  • Futaba 4PLS radio
  • 2x Futaba S3172SV mini servos for channel 2 & 3
  • Futaba BLS571SV low profile steering servo
  • Vapex 1000 mAh 2S LiFe receiver battery
  • V.S. Third channel fuel metering base with O.S. needle
  • V.S. Speed 2101M motor
  • Note: the T3-21 works equally well with an in-line engine. It will run a tad bit lighter in the front though but that is NO problem.
  • Hipex 180° Exhaust Manifolder
  • Hipex MP1-21 Hydro Muffled Parabolic Pipe
  • Walter Barney @ Tanks 2U made SS tank T2/T3 (same size)
  • 8 x 10 mm pultruded carbon sponson tubes (475 mm long)
  • 10 x 12 mm aluminum tubes for the tub and sponsons
  • 2 mm carbon rod for securing the sponson tubes (much better then any other securing system we've tried by far).
  • Propeller: The T3-21 is not that critical regarding props I think and it depends on how you race and drive. For me personally I like an "easy" prop with not that much cup but with a a bit more COB pitch so you get good acceleration. I also like to be able to throttle at all times so that means I don't like props that are heavy on the engine and I don't use that short pipe lengths either. All props I've used are done by Mark Sholund and the ones Ive used the most are ABC 50x69 with 45.25 mm dia, 2.81 COB pitch and 3.33 cup. The ABC H6 with 45.9 dia, 2.9 COB pitch and 3.33 cup works fine also and they let you rev the engine quite easily.

Extra T3-21 V2 info:
  • The current KEP's T3 design is based on "3-point flat-plane technology" that means they run very light on the water. This type of outrigger design rely on a good balance between aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, center of weight, how much weight you have on each of the 3-points, rudder and the turn-fin. If you build the T3-21 V2 according to the plans and don't make any of your own design or geometric changes - then there is plenty of adjustment in the changeable/removable ride-pads, the changeable/removable ski and the strut height/angle.
  • Please make the V2 turn fin according to the plan and bend it to the specs. DON'T use any other turn fin shape and/or hook. (Make sure its sharpened properly also on the leading edge only.)
  • Don't place the turn fin too far forward. The boat will "dart" (wanting to continue to turn coming out of the corners) and it will be difficult to keep straight.
  • If your T3 is pulling to the right at speed on the straights: Double check that you have mounted the sponsons straight vs the tub - If not - correct that. If it still pulls to the right, check that the turn-fin is sharpened correctly and not dull on the leading edge. A turn fin that is not sharp will make the T3 to pull to the right even at slower speeds.
  • If you want some building tips etc - look to the right in the menus for the earlier T2-21 Build Series I did. The T2 and T3 is not exactly the same but you will get a feel for how to build one. If scratch building is not your thing though - go to Zipp Kits and buy a JAE 21G2 Kit instead and start learn to build on that. :)

KEP's T3-21 V2 Main Drawing - This pdf includes all the templates you need. The Freebie drawing is in A1 size (paper size: 841 x 594 mm). Make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

KEP's T3-21 V2 Extras Drawing - This pdf includes some extra measurements. There is no real need for printing this one. The Freebie drawing is in A1 size (paper size: 841 x 594 mm). If you chose to print this one also make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

KEPs T3-21 V2 Optional Ski with strakes. This extra optional Freebie drawing is A3 size (paper size: 297 x 420 mm). If you chose to print this one also make sure that it's printed 1:1 scale / 100% size. Click HERE for download (works best on a stationary normal PC/Mac).

If you have the earlier KEP's T3-21 "V1" - Click HERE for a download of an updated "T3-21 V2" fin that is adapted for the T3-21 "V1" turn-fin mount.