Friday, March 25, 2016

KEP's FE-2S Mini Freebie

Freebie drawing of a KEP's FE-2S Mini LiPo Brushless Outrigger "Fun" Electric Hydroplane.

Note this is a very small outrigger FE hydroplane that is mainly aimed at just having fun, its not a race boat but it sure could be raced with if you have a smaller oval course.

This is a size-comparison with the KEP's FE-4S P-Open Freebie:

• Total Length: 440 mm
• Tub Lenght: 401 mm
• Tub Height: 40 mm
• Tub Outside Width: 54 mm
• Tub Inside Width: 48 mm
• Sponson Lenght: 263 mm
• Sponson Width: 18 mm
• Ride-Pads Size: 103 x 24 x 1.5 mm
• Ride-Pads AoA: 4°
• Ski Width: 20 mm
• Ski AoA: 1.5°

• Motor: Brushless in-runner or out-runner, no water cooling
• Motor Size: 28x40 up to 30x50 mm
• Motor with 2S LiPo: 4400-4800KV
• Motor with 3S LiPo: 3300+ KV
• Prop with 2S LiPo: 430 or 432
• Prop with 3S LiPo: 427
• ESC: 40-60A with no water cooling
• Battery/ESC Connector: XT60 or T-connector
• Servo: Mini/Micro with metal gears
• Battery: 2-3S LiPo with a aprox max size of 118 x 35 x 18 mm
• Motor Mount: Use what you think is appropriate
• Driveline: Use what you think is appropriate
• Rudder: Use a mini-rudder that you think is appropriate

Have fun building!

Drawing of the KEP's FE-2S Mini. Download it HERE. The PDF size is A2 = 594 x 420 mm. When you have had this printed out in 100% size you will cut the templates from the drawing.

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