Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swedish #2-2011 Nats in FSR-H & OTA

May 18-19 we raced the second hydro and outboard tunnel nats just north of Ludvika in Sweden. We had some rain and some waves but overall the weather was way better then what we expected.

Pictures from the race.

Final Results H3.5:
  1. Ulf Olsson / ZippKits JAE 21 / VAC21
  2. Stefan Adolfsson / BlackBird G2 / Picco / Futaba
  3. Mattias Bengtsson / KEP's 21 / Novarossi / Futaba
  4. Niklas Edlund / KEP's T2 / TP M03-21 / Futaba
  5. Mikael Sundgren / KEP's 21 / CMB Valvola / Futaba
  6. Bo Sandström
  7. Fredrik Lundahl / ZippKits JAE 21 / Novarossi
  8. Torbjörn Carlsson
  9. André Westerberg Holster

Final Results H7.5:
  1. Torbjörn Carlsson
  2. Niklas Edlund / KEP's T2 / TecnoPower .23 / Futaba
  3. Ellert Ohlsson
  4. Mikael Sundgren
  5. Fredrik Lundahl
  6. Mattias Bengtsson

Final Results H27:
  1. Jan Kronstrand / FireFighter
  2. Bosse Ankerstedt
  3. Tomas Nilsson
  4. Thomas Myrén

Final Results OTA (stock .21 tunnel):
  1. Niklas Edlund / TS3 / OS / Futaba
  2. Bo Sandström / HTB290 / K&B / Futaba
  3. Mattias Bengtsson / HTB290 / OS / Futaba
  4. Viktor Nordström-Käll / HTB290 / OS
  5. Stefan Adolfsson / TS3 / OS / Futaba
  6. André Westberg Holster / VS1 / OS
  7. Torbjörn Carlsson / TS2
  8. Mikael Sundgren / VS1 / K&B / Futaba
  9. Fredrik Lundahl / Bandit

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teather Car Racing

Last weekend me and Mr. Sunken went north for a Sunday trip and watched some teather car racing in my old home town of Gävle.


Well known Swedish hydro boat racer Anders Martinelle is also doing some teather car racing with a car that runs in a special "OPS cup" in the normal 5 cc class. These "OPS" engines are a little too slow in the normal 5 cc class but they have fun anyways! The fastest 5 cc guys use stroked-up and modified NR .28 engines and run well over 300 km/h. The OPS cars can do on a good day just over 280 km/h.

Anders doing a push start. What you say, no pink cars? ;)

One of the fastest 10 cc racers in the world - Mats Böhlin. At this race he did a 340.916 km/h. Not to shabby!

Here below are some pics of my friend Peter Wahlund's new Picco 10 cc car. You can buy one of these complete for 3500€. So far it has done 327 km/h in two tries...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TecnoPower M03-21 inside pics

Here are some inside shots of the new TecnoPower M03-21 inboard racing engine!

TecnoPower M03

Introducing the M03

The exhaust is set @ 181°.

The transfer's are set @ 129°.
The booster is set @ 129°.

The cooling head's water channel. The nipple threads are M4.

This neat rotating M4 nipple is included.

Piston and con-rod.

Std combustion chamber (included).

V1 high compression turbo combustion chamber (included).

Std turbo combustion chamber (included).

Crankshaft turbo scoop.

The crankshaft has no silicone filling (good!) and a nice 35° / 245° (65°) deg induction timing.

The TecnoDuro backplate has some nice features... :)

The piston is dished.

The complete P/L/rod set.