Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 2 Qualifying

Day two is done and we had nice weather all day. 2 rounds of Off-shore 27 & 35 was run and H3.5 & H27. No complete results where published at the time we left the race site except H3.5 (the only class I run). My day was a perfect max score of 800 points (two heat wins) - we are three on the same result so far. The Kep's T2 runs pretty good... :)

Contradicting to earlier info, they will run all hydro classes tomorrow. So wednesday evening I will know if I made the final. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 1 qualifying

First day of qualifying is done here in Dessau. And we got to practice our 3.5 hydros also. Feels good. :) Two rounds of hydro 3.5 & 27 qualis tomorrow and some remaining off-shore... H7.5 & H15 on wednesday.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Open!

Some rain today, registration, and the opening ceremony. Off-shore qualifying starts tomorow.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day ? Still no racing

Saturday & sunday is no racing at all in Dessau. Today some sun, some rain. Still nice. And its vacation after all and its nice seeing old friends... :) ps, if you're not here yet (but u will race) - bring your own pit-tent!

Friday, July 27, 2012

We've arrived!

We are in germany now getting ready for the worlds. News, no practice in the race pond at all before Q1 (for us that is tuesday). So far very nice and warm weather. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gone Racing!

We're heading south for the 2012 NAVIGA FSR RC Boat World Championships in Dessau Germany! :)

If the internet connection is working @ the hotel it might be some updates here in the blog from the hydro and off-shore races. And a little from the beginning of the V event (but we're leaving a few days after the ovalracing is done).

This time I will only race FSR-H3.5 as my FSR-V3.5 qualifying sucked last year and Micke will race FSR-H3.5 & 7.5.

This will be fun! :)

Link to the official site.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New RC Boat Magazine!

A new RC boat magazine from the creators of RC Driver, Fly RC, Robot & Heli Pilot Magazines has just released their first issue of the "RC Boat" Magazine.

Link to subscription.

TOP KEEP .21M-Outboard

The Novarossi manufactured TOP outboard power head marine engine will be released soon! It's made to fit a O.S. rig (not included).
  • Displacement: 3.5cc
  • R.P.M (Max. power): 42.800 
  • Practical RPM range: 6.000-44.000 
  • Bore x stroke: 15.88mm x 17.60mm 
  • Transfer ports: 9 
  • Ball Bearings Front: Steel / Rear: Ceramic 
  • Crankshaft: 14.5mm
  • Carburetor: 9mm venturi
  • Glowplug type: Turbo - C8TGH
Novarossi Link.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Swedish Nats #2 Hydro & OTA

The latest Swedish Nationals in FSR-H hydro and the last race before the Worlds in Germany was held June 30 just above Ludvika. We had decent weather even though it was kind of windy.

Pics from Ludvika.

KEP's T2 .21 Project Pics.

OTA 3.5 Tunnels results:
  1. Niklas Edlund / TS3 / TP M01 engine / TP/Hipex exhaust / 4PL / 1600p
  2. Ove Hermans / TS3 / TT / Futaba / 850p
  3. Mikael Sundgren / VS1 / K&B / Futaba 3PM / 750p
  4. Viktor Nordström-Käll / 275p

FSR-H 3.5 results:
  1. Niklas Edlund / KEP's T2 .21 proto / OS XZ-M / 60% fuel / BBH / 4PL / 1500p
  2. Mikael Sundgren / KEP's T2 .21 proto / TP-M3 / 40% fuel / BBH / 3PM / 1169p
  3. Torbjörn Carlsson / Homemade 21 / GO / 1050p
  4. Fred Brihagen / KEP's .21 / 725p
  5. Ove Holmstedt / KEP's .21 / 525p
  6. Fredrik Lundahl / JAE 21 / NR21-5M / 525p
  7. Christer Gustafsson / Road Runner / 75p

 FSR-H 7.5 results:
  1. Fredrik Lundahl / JAE 45 / AA45 /  Futaba 4PL / 1500p
  2. Mikael Sundgren / Eagle (no that's not his Eagle 45) / MAC / 3PM / 1150p
  3. Anders Martinelle / Eagle / CMB / Futaba 3VC / 1050p
  4. André Westerber / "Eagle" / 894p
  5. Torbjörn Carlsson / Homemade / 25p

FSR-H 15 results:
  1. Mickael Pertulla / Eagle / K90 / Futaba 4PL / 1250p
  2.  Anders Martinelle / Eagle / CMB / Futaba 3VC / 1125p
  3. Torbjörn Carlsson / Homemade / 1025p
  4. Nicklas Ericsson / Eagle / Mac / 169p

My winning KEP's T2 .21 Prototype with a new Sholund prop - ABC 50x69 - worked perfect! :)

The first "production" KEP's T2 .21 was tested during the weekend also. This one is built by Mikael Sundgren and uses a Novarossi T21-5M engine. Needs a little bit more testing before its race ready...

Fredrik Lundahl won his second H7.5 nats in a row, with his home built from drawings downloaded at this very blog, JAE 45G with AA45 power! Too bad he isn't qualified for the worlds in Germany...

We can from this year use modified engines and pipes etc in our 3.5 cc tunnel class. I used for the very first time a slightly modified (a little raised exhaust port) TecnoPower M01 power head engine on my O.S. rig. The pipe is from Hipex and it has an internal stinger so the sound is a little bit less then a stock O.S. Max unit!

Nice weather on Saturday and the wind died down during the day... It was the worst in H3.5 and H7.5.

Micke's "production" KEP's T2 .21 was good in testing. This will be the next PDF freebie for download from me later this year. Stay tuned at this blog later this fall... :)

The lakeside right hand view when we arrived for testing.

Left hand side.

The location is awesome even though its a bit cramped with space at the race site.

Next race for me will be the NAVIGA FSR Worlds in Dessau / Germany where I will only race H3.5 this year as my V3.5 qualifying last year sucked. The next Swedish Nats are in September.

Have a nice summer!