Monday, November 14, 2016

New FE "P" 4S SAW Record - 138MPH

NEW 4-Cell "P" 138MPH / 222KMH SAW RECORD
This past weekend the last ever SAW event was held at the Legg Lake just outside Los Angeles. Brian Buass set a new very impressive record with his heat racing FE-4S "P" rigger with a set of SAW sponsons on it.

Update - Brian Buass has been so kind to let us know what equipment he used! See below, this is his own info copy and pasted from International Waters forum.

I'm going to do something I rarely do: Here's the entire setup.
Disclaimer*** this setup is right at the very edge of the equipment capability!!! Use at your own risk. This boat is a product of 3 years of tuning.

• Hull: Raptor tub, SAW front sponsons and no rears
• Motor: TP3650 2Y 3080kV
• ESC: Castle Creations Edge Lite 200 with added cooling tubes and conformal coating
• Batteries: Dinogy Graphene (4S2P 3300's)
• Prop: ABC 1823-19-38 (2) cll S/B (snowman prep)
• Driveline: .150 double square cable with teflon liner into Hyperformance outboard stub shaft

We don't do this stuff in a vacuum. Thanks to my friends for all the help and brain storm sessions over the years: Mark, Darin, Tyler,  Jim & Joe. In other words, the usual suspects!
We're not done yet.

Finally, here's the reason for posting the info: It's essentially an off the shelf system. It's proof of what can be done with the incredible equipment that's available to all of us. It's also a reminder how careful we all need to be with how and where we run these things, be safe. Last but not least, it's a starting point and an invite to anyone who might be interested in joining us at time trial events. These events are great fun both on and off the water.

/ Brian "Snowman" Buass

Friday, October 28, 2016

Looking for JAE 45GT pics

Looking for pictures on the JAE 45GT kit from ZippKits
Is there anyone that has an JAE 45GT that can help us out with some pics of a complete boat and/or video of it running?

The pics and/or video will be used for a product article/promo.

(Fyi: the earlier question for tech-info of it is solved)

If you have any pictures or video please e-mail them (or links) to me ->

Thanks in advance! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

R/C Båt Träff och Höstmöte 2016

R/C Båt Träff & Höstmöte 2016

Datum: Lördagen den 19 November

Samling: 09.30

Start: 10.00

Lunch: Om ni vill ha lunch så kostar den 130:- i jämna kontanter (inte Swish). I dagsläget lutar det år chilli- eller köttgryta, sallad, bröd & dryck samt fika. Om inte det passar får ni åka iväg till McDonalds eller Max! ;)

Anmälan: Obligatorisk senast Söndagen den 13:e November till - var god notera hur många ni kommer och hur många lunch.

Dagordning (provisorisk):
• Hydro FE-4S: Hur många bygger nytt inför 2017? Förslag på ändringar?

• Off-Shore FE-4S: Är O-sektionen redo för att ta fram en elklass till 2017/2018?

• SM prisutdelning 2016 (H3.5 & H15)

• R/C båt verksamheten säsongen 2016...

• Vad finns att göra till kommande år för att få tillbaka intresset för R/C båt?

• R/C Båt Träffar 2017: Var, hur många, och när?

• Förslag att den första R/C Båt Träffen bör vara i slutet av Maj och den första tävlingen tidigast 2 veckor efter det för att ge folk en bättre chans att hinna testa innan de börjar tävla...

• Finns det arrangörer (och tävlande) för SM-tävlingar 2017?

• Övriga frågor

• Efter det är klart så fikar vi och snackar allmänt om R/C båtar...

R/C Båt är KUL - Välkomna!

Friday, October 21, 2016

JAE 21GT from Zippkits

JAE 21GT Heatracing Kit from ZippKits

Zippkits has released an updated version of their popular 3.5 cc hydro called JAE 21GT (G stands for Geraghty and T for Truex).

• Optimized for Heatracing by Martin Truex Jr
• Handles rough water better with improved cornering
• Total Length: 35" (889 mm) vs the JAE 21G2 Length: 31.14" (791 mm)
• 3" Longer tub vs the JAE 21G2
• After-plane length (end of ski to end of sponson ride pads): ?
• Engine center to end of ski length: ?
• Lower tub sides
• Narrower Ski width
• Sponsons ride-pad AoA: ?
• Ski AoA: ?
Weight: aprox. 1940 g (RTR without fuel)
• New much thicker turn-fin made of 7075 aluminium (.093"/2.36 mm!)
• New aluminium sponson tube inserts
• The kit's lazer-cut parts have been upgraded so it will stay truer and straighter during assembly
• Pre-drilled motor mount holes for Zippkits new Super Mounts (optional)
• New Polyester/Fiberglass cowl (optional)
 • New pre-bent flex tube (optional)

If anyone that has got an 21GT could measure the missing info on the above list and e-mail me that ( I would be happy. Those are:
• After-plane length (end of ski to end of sponson ride pads)
• Engine center to end of ski length
• Sponsons ride-pad AoA
• Ski AoA

JAE 21GT built by Mike Walker

JAE 21GT built by Adam Blevins /

Friday, October 7, 2016

285.393KMH = New R/C Boat World Record!

285.393KMH = New R/C Boat World Record!

(Google Translated text)

Jörg Mrkwitschka drove a new absolute world record for RC boats with his L8 Rigger in September 2016 the 2nd Munich SAW. The average speed for 2x100m was 285.393 km/h. This Rigger reaches a top speed of over 300 Km/h and is fired with a brushless motor of the company "Lehner Motoren Technik" (LMT). This is a 2-pole motor with high speed stability. The rest of the Riggers is all homemade (hull, propeller, ESC with lipo screwing the cells with each other and meant for regulators towards, hardware, etc.)

  • Boat: JAG's T Hydro 2015/2016, approximately 125 cm long, 55 cm wide, about 3.4 kg race ready
  • Motor: LMT 2260/5 HiAmp (with 8 mm shaft and rotor sleeve)
  • ESC: Own made output stage from 42 pcs IRFS7434-7P FETs with Schulze future 18.xx controller board
  • Batteries: 8S1P RoaringTop 5100 80C - preheated to about 45°C
  • Motor Coupling: Zander 8 mm / 2.5 mm
  • Propeller: JAG's C2044/3
  • Radio: Graupner X-8N with GR-16 dual-antenna receiver and two 30cm antennas
  • Receiver battery: 2S 335mAh SLS XTRON
  • Servo: MKS HV 747 for rowing and MKS HV 6100 for the airbrakes
  • Hardware: 2.5 mm spring steel shaft with JAG's Strut and JAG's rudder fitting (manufactured by MBP-RC), rudder blade from a knife
  • Datalogger: SM Model Unilog 2 (with homemade 1500A current sensor)

According to the data logger, the acceleration performance was at 298.6 km/h Pass at about 17kW (590A at 29.0V), ausbeschleunigt after about 4 sec at about 9.5kW (320A at 29.5V). The speed increased ausbeschleunigt up to 63.900 RPM to - jumping over their own wake of Hinpasses briefly at 70.000 RPM. The boat has dual brake flaps in the tail units which are activated together with the motor brake to come to a standstill until the end of the run.

Original German text:

Jörg Mrkwitschka ist mit seinem L8 Rigger im September 2016 auf dem 2. München SAW einen neuen absoluten Weltrekord für RC Boote gefahren. Die Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit für die 2x 100m lag bei 285,393 Km/h. Dieser Rigger erreicht einem Topspeed von über 300 Km/h und wird mit einem Brushless Motor der Firma "Lehner Motoren Technik" ( LMT ) befeuert. Es handelt sich dabei um einen 2 Poler mit hoher Drehzahlfestigkeit. Der Rest des Riggers ist alles Eigenbau (Rumpf, Propeller, ESC, mit Lipo ist die Verschraubung der Zellen untereinander und zum Regler hin gemeint, Hardware usw.)

  • Boot: JAG's T Hydro 2015/2016, ca. 125cm lang, ca. 55cm breit, ca. 3.4kg fahrfertig 
  • Motor: LMT 2260/5 HiAmp (mit 8mm Welle und Rotorhülse)
  • Regler: eigene Leistungsendstufe aus 42 Stk. IRFS7434-7P FETs mit Schulze future 18.xx Controller-Platine
  • Akkkus: 8s1p RoaringTop 5100 80C, vorgewärmt auf ca. 45°C 
  • Kupplung: Zander 8mm/2.5mm
  • Propeller: JAG's C2044/3 
  • Fernsteuerung: Graupner X-8N mit GR-16 Doppelantennen-Empfänger und zwei 30cm Antennen 
  • Empfängerakkus: SLS XTRON 2s 335mAh
  • Servo: MKS HV 747 fürs Ruder und MKS HV 6100 für die Bremsklappen
  • Hardware: 2.5mm Federstahlwelle mit JAG's Strut und JAG's Ruderhalter (hergestellt durch MBP-RC), Ruder aus Messerblatt
  • Datalogger: SM Modellbau Unilog 2 (mit Eigenbau 1500A Stromsensor)

Laut Datenlogger lag die Beschleunigungsleistung beim 298,6km/h Pass bei ca. 17kW (590A bei 29.0V), ausbeschleunigt nach ca. 4s bei ca. 9.5kW (320A bei 29.5V). Die Drehzahl stieg ausbeschleunigt bis auf 63.900 U/min an - beim Sprung über die eigene Heckwelle des Hinpasses kurzzeitig auf 70.000 U/min. Das Boot hat doppelte Bremsklappen in den Leitwerken, die Zusammen mit der Motorbremse aktiviert werden, um bis zum Ende des Gewässer zum Stehen zu kommen.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Testing KEP's FE-4S "Proto" (P-Open)

  • Motor: TP 4040 (V2) 2900KV (Size: 39.55 x 77.5 mm)
  • ESC: Castle Hydra ICE 240A
  • Batteries: Dual Vapex 4S 3300 in parallel
  • Prop: 1445 3.4 (Andy Brown) 
  • Max RPM (end of straights): 35K (160-180A)
  • RPM in turns: 26-30K (90-130A)
  • Average Ripple: 0.93V
  • Peak Power: 2611W
  • End of run ESC temp: 86°C
Note, the boat in this film is a prototype I built for a friend before finalizing the drawings on the KEP's FE-4S & 4SL Freebie's. So this boat have a turn-fin that is a bit too small = it makes it a bit difficult to keep it in lane #1 with the speed I know is there - one needs to nurse it a bit too much in the turns. Then the ski is a bit too narrow also creating a bit to much load on the motor as it penetrates the drink too much. But note, BOOTH of those items are adressed in the KEP's FE-4S & FE-4SL Freebie drawings.

Freebie Links:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

KEPs FE-4S Prototype

Mikael Sundgren's prototype KEP's FE-4S - here driven with "P-Limited" type of power.

Motor: TFL 36x60 with 2380KV
ESC: Hobbywing Seaking 160A
Batteries: 2x Vapex 4S 2200 mAh in Parallel
Prop: ABC H6

Note, the boat in the video is a prototype built more then two years ago. It's a test-rig that uses our old left-over T2-21 nitro sponsons and ski etc. So the fact that it runs too light on the front sponsons is fixed so to speak to the Freebie drawings that are published.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Inbjudan till SM4 i Oxelösund arrangerad av Sundsvalls Modellbåtsklubb

SM4 FSR-O, FSR-H & OTA i Oxelösund - Arrangerad av Sundsvalls MBK.

Sundsvalls Modellbåtsklubb inbjuder till SM deltävling Off-shore, Hydro och Utombordar Katamaraner helgen den 27-28 Augusti.

Plats: Kylvattendammen vid SSAB i Oxelösund
När: 27-28 Augusti
Klasser: FSR-O3.5, FSR-O7.5, FSR-O15, FSR-O26, FSR-O27, FSR-O35, Hydro FE-4S, FSR-H3.5, FSR-H7.5, FSR-H15 & FSR-27
Notera: Hydro & OTA körs klart på lördagen

R/C Båt Träffen i Oxelösund

Lördagen den 6:e Augusti arrangerade Oxelösunds MSK en R/C Båt träff i Kylvattendammen vid SSAB i Oxelösund. Vädret var bra och det dök upp över förväntan med besökare - totalt gissningsvis runt 30-40 pers (med och utan R/C Båtar) vilket vi är mycket nöjda med!

Tack för visat R/C Båt intresse och vi ses igen! 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

R/C Båt Träff - 6:e Augusti Oxelösund!

R/C Båt Träff Lördagen den 6 Augusti i Kylvattendammen vid SSAB i Oxelösund!
• Kom, Kör och ha R/C Båt Kul!
• Alla är välkomna att testa och köra med sina R/C båtar (oavsett typ av båt)!
• Nybörjare med RTR båtar – Välkomna att få hjälp av erfarna R/C Båt Förare!
• Aktiva tävlingsförare – Kom och testkör på Sveriges bästa rejsvatten!
• ALLA är Välkomna för en kul och trevlig sommardag vid dammen!
Frivillig intresseanmälan till: (även om ni har frågor etc)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 Nationella FSR-H Regler

Nu är de nationella FSR-H reglerna uppdaterade och publicerade. Notera att de är uppdaterade med nya bränsledirektiv enligt Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB).

Läs mer om tillståndskravet enligt EU-förordning 98/2013 och lagen (2014:8799) om sprängämnesprekursorer på Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB) hemsida. (Lagen gäller för privatpersoner som tänker förvärva, införa, inneha och använda bränslen med mer än 25 volymprocent nitrometan och även ren nitrometan för att blanda eget bränsle.)

Ladda ned: 

2016 Svenska Hydro FE-4S Regler

De fastslagna reglerna för vår Svenska nationella Hydro FE-4S klass (elbåt) är nu publicerade.

Ladda ned dem HÄR (eller på SMBF's hemsida) 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

No New Naviga Nitro Rule

There is NO New Naviga Nitro Rule
As you may have heard it's said that Naviga has "changed" the rule regarding how much nitro is allowed for the 2016 season... But there is some strange (and quite naive) interpretations of that info going around (according to me), including within the national federations, that I want to share some personal lights on.

  1. The former Naviga Vice President and FSR Section Leader sent out a letter by e-mail this past winter with some texts that said that they had decided to implement a restriction (he is no longer at that or any other Naviga position though if I have understood it correctly).
  2. Naviga has not acknowledged that mail content afterwards (except for a short note on FB) and not made it into a rule and put it in to the rulebook.
  3. This is a link on the Naviga site for the latest Naviga rules - click here for download. As you can see it's not updated with any information about this at all.
  4. There is also no other information on the official Naviga website about this subject. At least I have not found any - if you have found some info about this matter on their website please send me an e-mail with a link.
  5. So the only official info about this is a mail with a badly written text from a guy that no longer is within Naviga (there is a note from december 5 though on their Facebook page that links to a page on their webpage that does not exist).

Here is the quoted text that was sent out (the former Vice Presidents e-mail address is removed by me):

"Vice President    
Section Leader FSR
Schaft P.M.J.    
Wezenland  100               
1531 LR  Wormer       
The Netherlands

04-12-2015 Wormer                     


News about Nitro-methane.

Dear all,

After diverend Diskussion how high can be the Level from Nitro-methane in the Fuel 30% ww of 40 % ww, we have decided that it must be 30% ww. Reason for this decision is that it will not give problems with the European law. To use 40 % ww the competitors need a Personal license and we think that not all countries in Europe will give a license on prived persons.

This mains after counting from Methanol,Oil,Nitro-methane, the result is maximum in the Fuel 23 % in volume Nitro-methane.

Motor fabricant CMB Italy make a Nitro-methane measure tool and in the Naviga we use only this measure tool. I now there are more measure tools but it is better to use only one measure tool so that we have not diverend results and discussions how much Nitro is in the fuel.

This CMB measure tool can be buy early in a short time, follow the information on the social mediums and CMB dealers.

With kindly regards

Peter Schaft"

My personal comments about that text:
  • This is not a (the) new Naviga rule text - this is (at best) a letter of intend and quite badly written too boot. As in if they had "decided" about it but then failed to follow up and write the actual text that will go into the rule book as that text (that they have not made/written) needs to be way more complete then that text to go into the rulebook.
  • If this would be a notification for the Naviga racers that the rule book "is now updated and changed", we would have seen the new 2016 Naviga Rules by now - wouldn't we?  And also see some documentations about it, maybe even see the meeting transcripts from the meeting when it was decided and see some information about it on their website or maybe even on their Facebook site...!? But No.
  • The written text in the rules need to contain quite a lot more information about this quite complicated matter (if they decide to change it that is);  how to actually use the device, under what temperature range the device is meant to be used at, is the rest of the content in the fuel still free, information about if it is allowed to mix fuel with more nitro up until the device (floater) makes it "illegal" and what the fuel density is calculated at (as in what is the actual weight of the floater is etc). The quoted text doesn't say anything either about when or how the fuel checks should be done or what the consequences would be of you get caught "cheating". Are you warned? Are you disqualified from the heat, the complete race or are you maybe even banned from racing all together etc? None of that is written down as its not a rulebook text.
  • It absolutely looks like a made-up mail from a guy that is no longer at that position within Naviga as Naviga has not made it public in any way shape or form after he "left" them.

The above quoted text from the former Vice President is also a bit "wrong" in a couple of places:
  • It says that it is a nitro-methane measure tool (it should be "nitromethane" btw), but the device can never check how much nitro the fuel has as it's not a "smart" device - it's in fact a "dumb" device that simply measures the density of the complete fuel including everything you mix in it (based on a liquid density formula that is not made public). It's also quite important to write the actual rule text accordingly as there is for example a difference vs to allow a maximum nitromethane % per volume or % per weight compared to allowing any nitromethane level and allowing the rest of the fuel to be free as before and just check it with a density measuring device such as the CMB one. (Note, tests with the CMB device seems to "allow" for fuel with around 30% nitromethane at least at room temperature).
  • The e-mailed text also says that you need a permit to use 40% fuel but that is not the correct way to write it if you want to be considered believable. The correct way is that within the EU you need, in most cases, a personal permit if you want to buy (and store etc) fuel or raw nitro that has a concentration of more then 30% per weight (that is roughly translated to 25% by volume). Note also that as an example in Sweden a registered company does not need a permit at all to buy and use nitromethane (they cant sell it though). FYI: that is how the full scale nitro top-fuel drag racing teams handle it - they don't have any extra licenses and they use huge amounts of nitro per year.

This is the only published and official Naviga rule regarding fuel:

"3.3.2. Fuel
(1) Free fuel is allowed except in the FSR 27 cc and 35 cc class.
(2) Fuel in the FSR 27 cc and 35 cc class must be a petrol-oil mixture. Petrol can be
of any octane level. The use of Methanol mixtures is prohibited."

Thanks for listening & Happy RC Boating! :)

Best Regards,

Niklas Edlund

Friday, March 25, 2016

KEP's FE-2S Mini Freebie

Freebie drawing of a KEP's FE-2S Mini LiPo Brushless Outrigger "Fun" Electric Hydroplane.

Note this is a very small outrigger FE hydroplane that is mainly aimed at just having fun, its not a race boat but it sure could be raced with if you have a smaller oval course.

This is a size-comparison with the KEP's FE-4S P-Open Freebie:

• Total Length: 440 mm
• Tub Lenght: 401 mm
• Tub Height: 40 mm
• Tub Outside Width: 54 mm
• Tub Inside Width: 48 mm
• Sponson Lenght: 263 mm
• Sponson Width: 18 mm
• Ride-Pads Size: 103 x 24 x 1.5 mm
• Ride-Pads AoA: 4°
• Ski Width: 20 mm
• Ski AoA: 1.5°

• Motor: Brushless in-runner or out-runner, no water cooling
• Motor Size: 28x40 up to 30x50 mm
• Motor with 2S LiPo: 4400-4800KV
• Motor with 3S LiPo: 3300+ KV
• Prop with 2S LiPo: 430 or 432
• Prop with 3S LiPo: 427
• ESC: 40-60A with no water cooling
• Battery/ESC Connector: XT60 or T-connector
• Servo: Mini/Micro with metal gears
• Battery: 2-3S LiPo with a aprox max size of 118 x 35 x 18 mm
• Motor Mount: Use what you think is appropriate
• Driveline: Use what you think is appropriate
• Rudder: Use a mini-rudder that you think is appropriate

Have fun building!

Drawing of the KEP's FE-2S Mini. Download it HERE. The PDF size is A2 = 594 x 420 mm. When you have had this printed out in 100% size you will cut the templates from the drawing.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hipex MP1-21 Parabolic Hydro Pipe and Manifold

The New Hipex Parabolic MP1-21 muffled pipe is here!

Get it from World Champion Products at THIS LINK.

Main Features:
Parabolic design that makes it tune friendly
Race friendly design
Silent see-through muffler
Made for 16 mm manifolds
Perfect fit for the Hipex 180 deg manifold
37 mm diameter muffler

Recommended Pipe Lengths:
 When there is good weather and flat water: 196 mm
When there is low oxygen levels or rough water: 205 mm

Hipex 180 deg hydro manifold

Main features:
Made for Hydro
Perfect fit for the Hipex MP1-21 Parabolic Pipe
Made for right hand pipe mount
16 mm diameter
Tilted exhaust tube so no need to bend it like a NR manifold
Pipe will be about 2 mm further out from the motor (vs a NR manifold)
Includes springs & exhaust tube

Get it from World Champion Products at THIS LINK.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Speedweek @ Blue Lake

Glenn Quarles with his Novarossi .12 equipped rigger at the recent Speedweek @ Blue Lake in Valdosta GA (USA. His official new record landed at 97.444 MPH (156.82 KMH) average. His fastest one-way speed was 103.83 MPH (167 KMH)!
  • Motor: Novarossi Plus 12-3 SCT with some Martin Truex Jr "massage"
  • Pipe: Own built with input from Scott Bouichie (orange silicone tape by MTJ)
  • Fuel: 70% with lots of castor oil (recin)
  • Prop: ABC 1523 (stock woth a little cup ground out of it)
  • Drive: .062" wire drive
  • Boat weight (RTR): 1lb 6 oz (624 gr)


Here is Martin Truex Jr's new oval-trials record run with his twin JAE/TRD 45. The run was on a 1/3 mile oval and the 2-laps was done in 16.342 seconds!

Monday, January 18, 2016

21 JAE Hydro 2016 Winter Nitro Champs

This might be the best handling JAE Ive seen. It's Ian Inverity's modified JAE 21 at the recent Nitro Winter Championships held in Florida.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hydroträff 2016 & FSR-H Möte!

Boka datumet!
Årets Hydroträff och FSR-H möte är Lördagen den 27 Februari i

Alla hydrointresserade är välkomna!

Ladda hem dagordningen för mötet som pdf HÄR

Anmälan till mötet är obligatoriskt och den skall ske till senast Fredagen den 19/2 klockan 19.00 (förlängt till Söndag den 21/2 klockan 19.00).

Kostnad: 140:- (betalas kontant på plats) - då ingår fika & cateringlunch (fläskfilé, sallad, bröd, mineralvatten/lättöl etc).


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bishop Aeromarine - Phantom II Outriggers

There is a new manufacturer being started called Bishop Aeromarine and it's run by a guy called Joe Bishop. The design of the boats are a bit of a mix of really old school 70's style and some new contemporary designs (according to me). They will sure be interesting to see in action though!

I think each new Phantom II boat will be available in two versions as in "Ultra" and "Elite". Seems like the Elite is run with a ski and the Ultra with two rear sponsons and an exposed drive line - I guess they haven't tested enough yet to decide on which design route to go....!?

This is the old prototype from back in the days (1977) that had an OPS .65 in it. Think they where hard/solid shaft designs.

Phantom II AB Ultra
This is the .21 size Ultra outrigger prototype from Bishop Aeromarine:

Phantom II A1/2A Ultra
This is the "Ultra" version of the .12 size outrigger from Bishop Aeromarine:

Phantom II A1/2A Elite
This is the "Elite" version of the .12 size outrigger from Bishop Aeromarine: