Sunday, March 7, 2010

JAE .91/1.01HG PDF plans

Here are the plans for the JAE .91/1.01HG boat!

Once again this boat has been tested and is ready for the RC hydro battles. There is no performance difference between the "H" style and "G" style sponsons and overhangs on this boat is not necessary.

Install the drive line with a slight gentle "S" bend in the stuffing box. Use the same set-up and construction techniques for this boat as all the rest of the JAE fleet. I.E: the strut pushed down flat as far as possible on top of the bottom ski sheeting.

Start by setting the sponsons 22" to 24" apart inside to inside. Remember, the wider the
sponsons are set apart the more stable the boat will be in rough water. The turnfin that will be available from ZippKits for the JAE gas boat should work very well on the JAE .91/1.01 boat also.

Rudder and prop placement relationship is not critical. Take the appropriate steps to insure the very solid mounting of the turnfin and chose a good quality strut and rudder.

"I want to stress that the JAE .91-1.01 boat is a Gladiator and is not for the novice or feint of heart RC boater."

The JAE .91/1.01HG prototype boat weighed right at 9 lbs (4.08 kg) RTR with the CMB 1.01 motor installed. The prototype, in very rough water, ran 85 mph [on radar] effortlessly (136 kmh). This performance was accomplished with an old and tired Rossi .90 / Octura 1667 combination. With the CMB 1.01 the JAE .91/1.01HG's running performance is literally brutal!

As of now, the JAE .91/1.01HG boat completes the JAE hydro plans offerings from the JAE team. I hope all who have built or plan to build a JAE boat have enjoyed the ride as much as we have!

I really want to thank you Niklas [ NE-Stuff ] for all your help in making these plans available to all who have wanted them (NE note: your very welcome - happy to help U out!).

Note: We do have a .90 "twin" nitro boat built and in the process of completion. After testing a decision will be made if the "twin" plans will be released for general consumption.

Later, Rod Geraghty

Update March 17 - YouTube video!
"This very short video was taken Saturday March 13 2010 at Huntsville... The water was very rough and full of holes. The motor is the CMB 1.01 and a V967 prop was used on this short run. The motor was still cackling “fat”. Once again, the boat does absolutely nothing stupid in any water conditions... [This boat is a beast!]

There are no plans at this time to kit this boat but the building plans are available on Niklas Edlunds website. The little “hopping” you hear in the corners is that V967 in rough water playing its games... / Rod Geraghty"

Click HERE for the 1 of 2 PDF drawing.

Click HERE for the 2 of 2 PDF drawing.


NE said...
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Richard Sacher said...

Built one and runs great lots of fun setting the boat up, sure runs fast.