Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CMB .21 VAC "gear drive"

Here are a couple of new pics on the counter rotating CMB .21 VAC gear drive engine. The exterior look (except the new VAC intake and color of the cooling head) looks visually exactly the same as the earlier RSV 07 engine but the internals are almost all new.

Ps, if you are a CMB distributor/shop (or if you're Mauro Braghieri) and want to use my studio photo pictures of the new CMB .21 VAC engines without any logos in the background etc, send me and e-mail with a suggestion and I can send you them in any size you want including high-res psd/tif for print with separate shadows that will blend in in the background in like Indesign. You're free to use them as they are though (including the graphics)... :) / Niklas

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