Monday, May 31, 2010

FSR-H15 Eksjö May 30

This past Sunday we raced the first Swedish Nats round of 2010 in hydro and OTA (Outboard Stock Tunnel - 21 size). The race lake was in Eksjö and we had good to very good weather. On Sunday they raced the H7.5 and H15 classes and it was sunny all day and smooth water. I had to be the race judge for H15 so I have no race pics from this class...

FSR-H15 final results

1. Anders Martinell / 1600p / Eagle 90
2. Niklas Ericksson / 1150p / Bootleg Eagle
3. Mats Aldell / 1125p / Eagle 90
4. Ellert Ohlzon / 300p / Eagle 90

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