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Results Södertälje FSR-V Sept 19-20

This past weekend we raced our last Swedish '09 Nationals round in the FSR-V classes. The race was held just outside the HQ of Scania Trucks in Södertälje just south/west of Stockholm. The weather was absolutely perfect with no wind on Saturday (20+ C) and also on Sunday up until noonish. Then the wind picked up so the last finals where a little bumpy.

FSR-V 3.5 Juniors final results:
1. Magnus Hammarling / 74 laps 30m 11.28 sek (BL: 21.90s)
2. Matilda Stenström / 61 laps 30 m 17.61 sek (BL: 25.7s)
3. Jesper Nilsson / 59 laps 26 m 40.85 sek (BL: 24.64s)
4. Fredrik Pedersén / 8 m 29.66 sek (BL: 22.25s)

Magnus had a perfect final with very good driving all 30 minutes. Matilda in second place finally finished a complete final (I think it was her first full 30 minutes) and she was happy like no other... Jesper was driving good for most of the final but I think he had an stop at the end. Fredrik had a bad start and then lost his drive gear on the motor so he DNF:ed. But his Falcon II boat is scary quick! :)

FSR-V 3.5 final results:

1. Niklas Edlund / 74 laps 30m 3.67s (BL: 21.76s)
2. Mats Angseryd / 65 laps 26m 34.66s (BL: 23.01s)
3. Staffan Zetterlund / 52 laps 25m 16.48s (BL: 24.47s)
4. Timo Mannonen (Finland) / 51 laps 30m 17.83s (BL: 23.37s)
5. Peter Ingloff / 48 laps 27m 1.68s (BL: 22.3s)
6. John Axberg / 42 laps 30m 15.46s (BL: 26.02s)
7. Fredrick Cederberg / 38 laps 24m 45.29s (BL: 21.85s)
8. Anders Stenström / 35 laps 27m 32.96s (BL: 24.27s)
9. Timo Aarnio (Finland) 25 laps 10m 2.46s (BL: 22.66s)
10. Christian Fridh / 4 laps 1m 54.45s (BL: 26.34s)

This was my second FSR-V race of the season. The last one in @ the GP in Eksjö I won in very windy conditions. This time it was perfect Falcon II weather though = almost no wind! I was about half a lap down at the start but the boat was pretty good when the tanks where full so I started to catch up ever so slowly... :)

At about 10 minutes I was up on a podium finish. A couple of minutes later I caught Mats Angseryd that was leading and we had a good fight for a few laps. I got by and was in the lead. I extended the lead and was just about to lap Mats at the 5-minutes to go mark when his boat DNF:ed with a broken crankshaft. But at that time we where so far a head of the other guys he still managed to finish second!

The last 5 minutes I just cruised and did big corners etc. It was a nice feeling winning a nice fast heat for a change! But as I only raced two races this year I would not have a chance at the championships (I needed to do at least one more race to be a contender for the title). The main focus was to qualify for the NAVIGA worlds in Hungary next year and that I managed. :)

My race stuff:
- Falcon II by Tony Forslund
- CMB Valvola RSV07 with 9 mm carb
- CMB Valvola pipe @ 195 mm
- Sirio S7T plug
- Gearbox: 1.93
- Prop: 2026 (Werner)
- Fuel: 40% nitro with Klotz 8% Super Techniplate & 7% Benol recin oil
- Futaba 4PK with R604FS, 2xS9650 & S9550 on the steering

FSR-V 7.5 final results:
1. Anders Stenström / 73 laps 30m 16.28s (BL: 21.87s)
2. Conny Nilsson / 55 laps / 30m 17.84s (BL: 20.64s)
3. Fredrick Cederberg / 46 laps 24m 31.4s (BL: 19.22s)
4. Michael Fridh / 44 laps 26m 8.63s (BL: 21.7s)
5. Timo Aarnio (Finland) / 33 laps 26m 31.07s (BL: 21.32s)

Anders Stenström from Eksjö won his first race and was thrown into the lake as the protocol states. LOL

FSR-V 15 final results:
1. Mats Angseryd / 80 laps 30 m 19.69 sek
2. Peter Ingloff / 70 laps 30 m 11.29 sek
3. Fredrik Pedersén (junior) / 64 laps 28 m 40.34 sek
4. Timo Mannonen (Finland) / 63 laps 27 m 15.1 sek
5. Staffan Zetterlund / 47 laps 27 m 1.76 sek
6. Magnus Hammarling (junior) / 20 laps 27 m 24.77 sek
7. Fredrick Cederberg / 8 laps 3 m 1.06 sek

It was an all Mats & Peter battle from the start. After one lap they had a straightaway lead. I think Peter had some issues and maybe a stop also but Mats was fast and won quite comfortably.

FSR-V 35 final results:
1. Jan-Olof Hammarling / 76 laps 30m 24.5s (BL: 22.19s)
2. Peter Larsson / 68 laps 30m 7.98s (BL: 21.56s)
3. Fredrick Cederberg / 4 laps 3m 39.45s (BL: 27.35s)

Jan-Olof was leading from the start and he took his first win in the gas class. He got thrown in the drink also of course. ;)

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