Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JAE .12G (formerly known as JAP .12G)

Great news from USA. :)

ack Ass Performance changes it's name to "JAE" and makes the .12G outrigger hydroplane that I published as drawings earlier as a CNC cut wood & foam kit.

The kits will be sold by Zippkits.com in the US and there will also be a build service (in the US) by Mike Crawford of Woodstuff tunnels. Scroll down this page for more info of this fast nitro rigger!

If you like to build and cut it yourself you can find the earlier info HERE.

There will also be some JAE .21 & .45's and maybe also a Gas rigger as plans and kits - Stay Tuned more more info of these riggers!

This is a quoted text from Rod Geraghty in a forum thread at International Waters forum where he presented us with the news:

"Some history.

Nine years ago David Hall and myself started talking about building a dirt simple competitive outrigger hydro.We had moderate success but that effort kind of fell off our "hot" priorities list.

About 3 years ago our interest in the boat design once again re-surfaced.
Over a year ago now a totally accidental joint venture was formed with David Hall, Ron Zaker Jr., Martin Truex Jr. and myself. The common thread we all had was to go fast in all kinds of water with a stable simple outrigger hydro.We have learned a lot and the performance of the boat has been nothing short of amazing. The result of this joint venture was the release of the JAP .12G plans (se HERE). The interest in those plans has been phenomenal. I am guessing that somewhere between 500 & 600 sets of these plans have been downloaded all over the world.

Now for the last 3 weeks... J.A.P. [Jack Ass Performance] has officially changed our name to JAE , AKA "J" boats. The JAP .12G is now the JAE .12G.
What does JAE mean? We will never tell... :D It means whatever you think it means...;)

Here is the news:

The JAE .12G will be offered as a CNC precut plywood and foam kit from Zippkits for a introductory price of $39.00 + shipping!

Included will be solid fiberglass boom tubes with an illustrated instruction manual.
Zippkits sells boat kits all over the world and we did not want the name JackAss Performance to get in the way of the offering of these kits to the RC boater. I am presently building the first kit from Zippkits and I will tell you this is a quality kit.

Go to ZippKits.com

Presently there are prototypes of a .21H [Hall], a .21G [Geraghty], a .21T [Truex] & a .45H [Hall] JAE boats on the water being tortured. Also as we speak there is also a "gas" JAE boat on the building jig.

We cannot speak for Zippkits but it is JAE's eventual hope to have a line of competitive inexpensive wood/foam rigger kits and or plans available for the RC model boater to experience the fun of building and running RC raceboats.

For those of you who are not comfortable with your building skills, Mike Crawford of Woodstuff tunnels [1-262-210-9403] will be offering a building service for the line of JAE racing hulls.

We don't have an exact release date for the JAE.12G from Zippkits but I do know it will be very soon.. ;)

JAE is a "very non-profit" [not one red cent] joint venture, hence this posting in the outrigger hydro forum. :)

Rod Geraghty"

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