Thursday, August 27, 2009

French 6S "FE" Kep's rigger

I got some nice pictures from a French Kep's "Freebie" builder today. His name is Emmanuel Cabrin and he and his friend Georges D'haussy has built the Kep's "Freebie" with electric power. Their home club is NAVI (NAVImodélisme Villerestois).

Click HERE if you want to check out their (French) forum thread of their 6S "FE" Kep's Freebie build.

Their basic set up is this:
- 105 kmt
- Chinese in-runner brushless 3674-1850KV motor
- 6S/25C/3700 mAh "RHINO" Li-Po batteries
- Octura X442 (he will try X642 and hopes to go 115 kmt)
- Turnigy 120A HV BL ESC / 5A BEC
- Weight RTR: 2450 gr
- Power: almost 2000 Watt
- Driveline hardware is 3/16" from Hydro Marine

YouTube Video 1

YouTube Video 2

Emmanuel Cabrin to the right and Georges D'haussy to the left.

Click HERE if you want to read about the Kep's 21 Freebie (it's nitro).

If you want to build a smaller .12-.18 nitro rigger click HERE for a free JAP .12G drawing.

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