Monday, June 8, 2009

Oxelösund pics

After the race when they pulled the cable out of the water from the permanent clock tower and the pontoon it got hooked to something in the water... It was a stripped down (stolen) moped! I doubt it will start... ;)

A couple of TT Bandits in action. The new Bandit II boat is nowhere in sight on the Swedish market though. Maybe we will see it at the next nationals!?

Mikael Sundgren's heavily weighted VS1.

Fredrik Lundahl is the green Bandit without windscreen...

Happy dudes on the pontoon before a tunnel heat.

Eventual winner Christer Burström sneeks by the "sitting duck" of Mikael Sundgren.

Where did it go? ;)

Thomas Ljungström's HTB 260.

Christer Burström again - his HTB 290 was super good in the difficult conditions... but it's good when it's smooth water also...

Christer is passing Juha Honkanen's newly-fresh-from-paint Aquacraft VS1.

The K&B equipped VS1 of Micke was way too light for the conditions... It weights under 2 kg RTR. But with some taped down with duct-tape-left-over-hand-tools on the deck it was drivable... ;)

Mattias Bengtsson's TT Bandit does what it does best...

Torbjörn Carlson's good old Aquacraft TS2 looked good.

If U turn left like this... ;)

Christer Burström in action.

Sune Persson from the Eksjö is pulling a wheelie on the cross-wind straigh-away.

Sune in action again.

Fredrik Karlsson with his TT Bandit.

Christer Sjögren racing his Aquacraft VS1 with an according-to-him tired old OS...

Local dude Bengt Björkhage is back.

One of Bengt's riggers.

Anders Martinelle with one of his in-famouse pink riggers.

Mats Aldell is a new contestant for Let's Dance - LOL.

Nicklas Ericksson had a good weekend in hydro 15 cc and the tunnels.

Ellert's rigger is digging hard into the wet.

Fredrik Lundahl's Taipan 45 was the best 7.5 hydro today.

Fredrik Lundahl's Taipan 45 was the best 7.5 hydro today.

Mikael Sundgren finished second in hydro 3.5 with his Kep's 21.

He managed to save it before hitting the pontoon...

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