Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RC Boat SAW records

Note, a new absolute World Record SAW Speed has been set in November 2014 by Tyler Garrard - its now at 142.9MPH / 229.97KMH. Click HERE for a video.

Updated with a video of one 140MPH run of Team JAGS in 2006 at the SAW race at Legg Lake California...

Joerg, Arne and Gunnar from German Team JAGS - the (former) fastest RC boat team in the world.

140.36 MPH = 225.8 KMH
Joerg, Arne and Gunnar from German Team JAGS did in 2006 the fastest one of all with a 140.36 MPH average (225.8 kmh) - thats also a national US NAMBA record. They use 32 cells in their class "T" hydro with a Lehner motor. I don't think they have run it after that record run 2 years ago.

Here's a short video of Mark a couple of years ago doing 103 MPH (165 KMH) with is 21 sized SAW rigger. It sounds sweet... Its not the record run though. :)

Here's an video from 2006 Legg Lake when Grimm is doing some SAW runs. Dont know the size of the boat though...

This is Grimm recently getting some air time, its just fractions before he crashes.

126.192 MPH = 203 KMH
Mark Grim with his X-Hydro NAMBA class outrigger from the team Siesmic Amigos in southern California set a new US NAMBA SAW (straight away) average speed record of 126.192 MPH (203 kmh) in September 2008. Thats the second fastest propeller driven RC boat ever!

According to Mark himself in the International Waters forum he uses 67% nitro fuel mix, their own homebuilt rigger, a CMB 80 green-head motor and a prop by his son Chris.

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