Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday vacation

Micke and me took the monday off and went to Oxelösund for some RC boating! Needless to say we where the only ones there (it was a monday!). I had made some new development turn-fins to test on my new Kep's 21 '09 rigger and I learned some more things... Micke even tested them on his old Kep's "freebie" and we learned a little there also... I will modify one of them for the race in Ludvika and the testing will continue. My new 3.5 cc off-shore boat was in the drink also for the first time. The engine isn't broken in yet (Sirio S21 CL3) but I think its promising - I havent raced off-shore since many, many years...

Micke throws the Kep's in the juice.

Well... It's me... :)

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