Friday, November 5, 2010

F1H2O GP of Abu Dhabi in December!

Our flight to the F1 GP of Abu Dhabi December 3-4 is now booked - this will be an a w e s o m e trip. We have also got pit-passes - sweet! :)

I havent been at a F1 Powerboat race since the 80's I think when one of the GP's where in Stockholm @ RiddarfjÀrden. Back then the boats where made out of wood and the engines where V8's... :)

1 hour video coverage from the latest GP in Qatar

Abu Dhabi @ Wikipedia

U.I.M. F1H2O website

F1 GP of Abu Dhabi

Photo Gallery from 2009 - Saturday

Photo Gallery from 2009 - Sunday

From last years GP, the two Swedish drivers crashed each other!

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