Friday, November 19, 2010

BlackBird G2 .21 Outrigger Hydroplane

Now introducing - the new BlackBird G2 .21-sized outrigger hydroplane R/C boat kit! Developed and made by Chris Wood in Iowa USA and you can now pre-order your own! The first production boats are planned to be ready in March 2011.

Quote from Chris Wood:

"This the 2:nd generation BlackBird outrigger hydroplane boat called BlackBird G2. I have been working on this boat over the coarse of 2010 and after 5-6 revisions I have finally settle on this design.

The G2 itself is the same length as the old boat, but the sponsons are new with a wider spread and spacing. The motor placement has also been moved and the rear sponsons have been changed over to a ski design.

The new boat kit will come just like the old version with all the same high quality hardware.
  • Complete strut and rudder assembly made out of 7075 aluminum
  • The drive line will be glued in just like the old kit but now with a stuffing tube also installed (the tube that goes into the strut)
  • The ski is glued in place
  • The 4 holes that hold the transom hardware will be drilled and all that needs to be done is gluing in the inserts

Also included:
  • Wood's shaft oiler
  • Carbon fiber radio box lids & bait box lids
  • Delrin motor mounts
  • The 7075 aluminum tubes will be glued into the sponsons as well as the turn fin inserts
  • The turnfin is sanded, sharpened and ready to bolt on
  • As well as delrin boom tube blocks and a fiberglass cowl

Drive line items not included:
  • Flexshaft
  • Flex/engine collet
  • Drive dog
  • Prop nut
This is THE MOST complete boat kit on the market today!

  • Tub length: 29 1/2" (749 mm)
  • Tub width: 3 1/4" (82.5 mm)
  • Total width outside/outside sponsons: 22" (559 mm)
  • RTR weight of prototype: 3 lbs 9 oz (1.615 kg)
  • Price: $750 (shipped to your door - in the US) - additional international shipping cost not included
  • Extra set of front sponsons: $125
  • Extra set of sponson tubes: $10
Any questions regarding the boat you can contact me through e-mail or send me an PM through


Chris Wood,


Note: the pics show the prototype boat - some small changes may be introduced in the production boat.

Video link of the run-off at the Indymasters race in Hobart 2010

Chris Wood's comment on the YouTube video:

"Well I got to do some testing Sunday. The lake was full of stuff and at the end of this video i hit something and kicked the rudder up. I was trying for 80mph but the air was junk. Ended up getting 77 out of it. I was getting the needle set and that is when i hit something. Oh well, not to bad for the conditions. I was testing a new turn fin that didn't work so well as you hear me in the video. Other than that this is the exact boat that ran in Hobart and will be the boat I am selling in the future - the new BlackBird G2."

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