Thursday, November 18, 2010

BlackBird .21 outrigger in Germany

I got some pictures from my German friend Christoph Schneider taken when they recently went to the local pond testing Frank Werner's newly bought BlackBird .21 outrigger hydroplane. The boat used to be Chris Wood's own race boat and was recently shipped over from the US to Germany (Chris is the one that builds and sells the BlackBird boats).

After a day of testing they where very happy with the performance!

Ps, drop by tomorrow Friday for the introduction of the 2:nd Generation BlackBird .21 outrigger!

Frank has installed an CMB engine - I do believe Chris used to have an Novarossi engine in it when he raced it in the US.

Hmm, plastic prop? ;) (that was just for the very first run)

And yes, green is Frank's favorite color! But I get a feeling he likes fluo-orange now also... ;)

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