Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swedish Hydro Nats #2 Ludvika 2010 FSR-H15

The second round of the Swedish hydro nats was run July 3-4 2010 in Ludvika.

FSR-H15 Final standings after 5 heats (4 count):
1. Anders Martinelle / 1500 points
2. Ellert Ohlzon / 1225 points
3. Bengt Björkhage / 1150 points
4. Niklas Ericksson / 694 points

Anders Martinelle tested his old Scrorpion rigger with an OPS 67 in it. It was not to bad but funny to look at how it in true 90's style kicked out the rear end when turning but not so much turning... :)

Looks like Bosse is squeezing the pipe. :)

Ms. Duck and the tiny ducksters stayed in the pits and was not intimidated by the boats at all.

Mats Aldell had som OS issues and didnt make the start in 15 cc.

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