Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New TT Bandit 3.5 II

Updated March 24: It will be available in three versions. 1: RTR with engine and radio. 2: Boat & motor. 3: Just the boat.

Length: 848 mm - with engine? (TS2 is 764 mm without engine)
Width: 293 mm (TS2 is 290 mm)
Weight: 1950 g

Its 35 mm longer then the old Bandit and it has improved "cutting" according to TT. Don't ask me - I don't know either what they mean...

Thunder Tiger product link - HERE.

Bandit II manual - HERE.

The tunnel of the new Bandit II. Hope it works better then the old one. That was'nt the best handling tunnel if you ask me... This green hull had quite a large "hook" on the sponson bottoms (concave shaped running surfaces) - sand them flat!

Thats a long radiobox of the OBL-BL-TT...

Engine cowl off on the TT-BL-OBL...

The green one is an new electric version.

The familiar looking radiobox (think it will be changed to "plastic" before it goes into production). The cowl is hold in place with small magnets.

At the Nürnberg show TT showed their updated new 3.5 cc outboard tunnel hull called Bandit 3.5 II. Here's a shot of it from the back.

I asked the Swedish sales rep of why TT had made a new Bandit and the differences of this new one vs the old one and he did'nt have any info of that... Sorry. I guess they just like to make new boats then. But it shure looks better anyway. ;)

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