Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Novarossi Marine 45?

The rumors have been hanging around for quite some time now that Novarossi have a new marine 45 engine in the works... But they did'nt show any signs of that in their booth @ the Nürnberg 09 show. I'm told they do have some ideas to make one but its not even confirmed to be a "rear exhaust" motor either... I will believe it when I see it. Don't hold your breath for it is my recommendation!

Ps, they did have a yellow FSR-V 3.5 boat on display and a big sign next to it that said "World Champion 2006"... Well thats not exactly true is it!? At the NAVIGA worlds in Norway in 2006 there was no Novarossi engine in any of the winning 3.5 boats I'm shure of - I was there! Matthias Hof (Germany) won Junior FSR-V 3.5 with a CMV Valvola in his boat, Christoph Schneider won senior FSR-V 3.5 also he with a Valvola, Jörgen Andersson won hydroplane FSR-H 3.5 with his Mac 21 and finally Rune Andersen won off-shore FSR-O 3.5 and no Novarossi in that either as he raced with a CMB also... I'm not even publishing any pics of their show booth now...

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raddad said...

Novarossi parts are used extensively in tethercar engines, even in 10cc where they cut the crankcase, make a new steel bearing front part and a custom zimmerman induction. I hope they make a 45 soon. rgds JukkaW