Tuesday, March 19, 2013

KEP's T2-21 - Note!!!

T2-21 Builders Alert!
I just realized that the dimensions of bulkhead #4 in the KEP's T2-21 1of2 pdf's where not correct!!?? The boat drawings are correct but not the separate illustration of the bulkhead with it's dimensions.

You can download the correct bulkhead #4 illustration HERE as a PDF (A4 sized).

The freebie article and files are updated.

In the original pdf the cooling tube hole & the 10 mm hole for the push-rod where set too high. The cooling tube hole can be used at the higher location but the push-rod hole would mean you need to bend the push-rod downwards and also you might have some clearance issues with one of the rudder base mounting bolts... Sorry. :(

I'm sorry about these issues and I'll try and do better in the future...

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