Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minicars Distribution on the move

In a couple of weeks Minicars Distributing AB (where I work) is moving 45 km to completely new facilities in Enköping. We have been in Uppsala since the 70's but since a few years back we have out grown the existing building quiet a lot. Now its time for a new chapter at Minicars in a completely new building! :)

Since last fall we have had a build-blogg where we have published the latest pics of the build (from when it was just a big hole in the ground) and we will continue with that at least one more year I think. You'll find it HERE.

Next year we will also build an off-road track for RC cars just outside the building on location!

Below is a first drawing of how the track could look like. You can find more info HERE.

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