Monday, May 25, 2009

First tunnel test of '09

Yesterday we where at our new club pond in Oxelösund (Micke and me have changed our club to Oxelösunds MSK for this season). It was mostly good weather but quite choppy conditions. This video shows the second time Micke's stock Aquacraft VS1 tunnel boat was in the water, ever. It has a stock K&B .21 engine running 30% O'Donnell boat fuel and most likely an JG prop. ;)

As you can see in the vid, the buoys aren't in the water yet. In Sweden we also race the stock tunnels in a triangular shaped course and with a standing start from the pontoon. TOP speed is not the most important for good performance here...

This is my VS1 as seen in my earlier blogs... I tested it once - then a steering servo broke... Crap. During my short time in the wet it showed some nice handling and its way easier to drive then the TS2. :)

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