Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snowy Uppsala

As I've heard some complaints from a couple of you viewers regarding that the upload of pics etc takes a long time and that it seems like the blog freezes. I've changed the interface now so that "only" the last 10 blogs are visible at the default first page. As there also is some videos that are either uploaded by me on Blogger or embedded ones from Youtube I will change that to just link to those videos instead. Its likely that depending on your upload to Internet and how "busy" those sites are (that I linked to) makes it "freeze" - Im not shure but I hope thats the reason. Hope it works better for U now. :)

Remember to check the "Blog Archive" to the right -> if you want so see the earlier blogs. As I publish a new blog the 11:th blog will automatically go into the archive...

Take care, Niklas

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