Friday, December 5, 2008

Japanese style RC hydro boats

Japanese boats re-visited is found HERE. :)

Chase boat action for a 12 km RC boat race

And now for something completely different... The off-shore style "12 km" outriggers.

One of the coolest. :)

I have no idea who these race-dudes are but the picture clearly illustrates the size, "wheelbase" and width of the special 100 meter course 4-lap solo racing small outriggers from Japan (they are not 5-lap heatracing boats).

Here's a CMB45 equipped heatracing outrigger from Japan. NASA fuel... ;)

One wonders if our Swedish racer Anders Martinelle have been to Japan lately... ;) The pics are from the Japanese links here below though.

This is what the US guys here below have been inspired by, a typical Japanese outrigger (21 size).

Tom Moorehouse new Fire Fighter 21 prototype.

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro (this eventually became the JAE .21G2 rigger that is available from Zippkits or as a download from this site).

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro.

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro.

Hall/Geraghty/Truex/Zaker designed 21 hydro.

July 22/2010 update: I got this video last year from Rod Geraghty. We thought it was a Japanese guy testing his 21-sized heatracing rigger... But we where wrong! In Japan there is a special type of time trial racing on super short 100 meter course 4-lap event where you race solo runs on your own vs the clock. This is NOT a heatracing boat "testing" and not a style of rigger the Japanese guys compete in heatracing with. The "Jap" heatracing 5-lap riggers are more traditional designed and are generally bigger then what you see in the video.

Japan style of racing riggers (with 3 completely different boat design needed):
- Short course solo racing 100 meter course 4-laps
- Heatracing with 6 boats around a bigger oval on 5-laps (similar to what we do)
- Off-shore racing over a 12km straight course with the driver being in a full scale chase boat

I hope we start getting more an more heatracing boats that starts to look and work a little different then the current style boats (including my own designed versions).

Some Japanese RC boat links:

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