Tuesday, April 22, 2014

V.S. SPEED 2101M Marine Engine

The new and exclusive V.S. SPEED 2010M super long stroke .21 marine engine is based on the very powerful O.S. Speed R2101 engine and is an extraction of the world famous OS Max precision and technology together with some additional 'Rody' touch and development, equipped with a V.S. Spec water cooled head.

The V.S. SPEED 2101M is equally suited for a gearbox application in FSR-V/O boats but also direct drive boats such as FSR-H outrigger hydroplanes (especially the latest generation 3-point riggers).
This engine is intended for "EXPERIENCED" users.

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Inside the V.S. SPEED 2101M you will find:

  •     A 3-Port shaped exhaust which opens at 270° and closes at 90°, total open 180°
  •     A 7-port intake opens at 300° and closes at 60°, total open 120°
  •     A new Ultra Long Stroke, balanced and DLC treated crankshaft intake opens at 25° and closes at 250°, total open 225°
This combination has proven to give excellent overall performances!

On request additional modifications can be made by 'Rody' to this type of engine, a pre-running is also possible, for this please contact us.

  • Reliable O.S. SPEED quality, power & spare parts availability
  • 7+3 Port ABC piston/sleeve assembly
  • DLC (Diamond-like Coating) on wrist-pin
  • DLC (Diamond-like Coating) on 14.0 mm "SG" crankshaft with 5 mm pilot shaft
  • Tungsten carbide weights for balancing and to minimize vibration
  • Silicone ramp for smoother fuel-flow
  • Rody design 'Marine' cooling-head
  • Carburetor NOT included so you are free to choose the carburetor of your liking, as long as it has a neck of 15 mm

  • Type: Marine Inboard Racing Engine
  • Displacement: .21 (3.49 cc)
  • Bore: 16.08 mm
  • Stroke: 17.20 mm
  • Crankshaft: DLC/TUNG/SIL 14 mm SG/SPT (Induction Opens: 25° ABDC / Closes: 70° ATDC / Total Induction: 225°)
  • Main-Bearing: 14 mm HighSpeed
  • Front-Bearing: 7 mm HighSpeed
  • Cylinder: ABC
  • Intake Ports: 7 (Timing: 120°)
  • Exhaust Ports: 3 (Timing: 180°)
  • Carburetor Neck: 15mm (Carb. NOT Included)
  • Cooling-Head: Marine
  • Under-head: For conical (Turbo) glowplugs
  • Max Power @ 33K RPM (4-45K RPM range)
  • Weight: 256 gr

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