Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swedish Champs #4 FSR-H3.5

The last Swedish hydro nats of 2011 is now in the bag. FSR-H3.5 was run on absolutely perfect water and the weather was warm and nicers all day long. :)

Pics from the race HERE or HERE.

Swedish Nats #4 FSR-H3.5 results:
  1. Niklas Edlund / 1500p / OMSK / KEP's T2 / TP M03 / Futaba 4PL
  2. Ulf Olsson / 1425p / OMK / JAE 21 G2 / CMB VAC / Futaba 4PK
  3. Stefan Adolfsson / 1300p / ERCK / BlackBird G2 / Picco / Futaba 4PK
  4. Mikael Sundgren / 750p / OMSK / KEP's T2 / TP M03 / Futaba 3PM
  5. Mattias Bengtsson / 219p / ERCK / KEP's '06 / NR / Futaba 4PK
No points to:
  • Fredrik Lundahl / Norrk√∂pings MBK
Micke's (Mr. Sunken) development KEP's T2 was fast but he did too many errors so he finished fourth. TecnoPower M03-21 engine of course. :)

My still-in-development KEP's T2 project boat won the last nats of the year with TecnoPower M03-21 power. :)

Ulf's JAE .21 G2 has been quick all year.

Stefans BlackBird G2 with Picco power finished in a strong third place.

Mattias Bengtsson was among the fastest but did too many mistakes. "Benke" is running my old KEP's .21 "06" now with Novarossi power! It's still quick. ;)

TecnoPower M03-21 engine with V1 combustion chamber, TP C5 plug, Zoom carb, CMD parabolic pipe, 60% nitro fuel with 7% Klotz Benol & 7% Klotz Original Techniplate oil. Mark Sholund ABC H6 3.46 prop and BBH hardware. The Futaba 4PL S-FHSS radio worked super also! :)

Still in development KEP's T2 .21 rigger... ;)

Uffe's JAE 21G2.

Well, one is for sure not on its chosen straight race line... ;)

KEP's T2 .21 on the inside and BlackBird G2 on the outside. Notice the different rooster height.

One of four different T2 riggers just to be put in the drink...

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