Friday, September 23, 2011

Japanese RC boats revisited

Here is a batch of relatively new pics from the Japanese RC boat scene! :)

We now know that the "Jap" style of RC outriggers are here to stay for our type of heatracing also - at least in the smaller sizes. Here in Sweden we have seen the Zipp Kits JAE 21G2, the Wood R/C Boat Racing Products BlackBird .21 Generation 2 and also my own prototype KEP's T2-21 riggers that seem to work equally good in race conditions. :)

The original first post - HERE.

Do note that most of the below riggers are not heatracing riggers that are raced among other boats - they are smaller versions used for their 100 m short course 4-lap type of solo racing.

The source of most of the below pics is found HERE.

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