Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TecnoPower M03-21 inside pics

Here are some inside shots of the new TecnoPower M03-21 inboard racing engine!

TecnoPower M03

Introducing the M03

The exhaust is set @ 181°.

The transfer's are set @ 129°.
The booster is set @ 129°.

The cooling head's water channel. The nipple threads are M4.

This neat rotating M4 nipple is included.

Piston and con-rod.

Std combustion chamber (included).

V1 high compression turbo combustion chamber (included).

Std turbo combustion chamber (included).

Crankshaft turbo scoop.

The crankshaft has no silicone filling (good!) and a nice 35° / 245° (65°) deg induction timing.

The TecnoDuro backplate has some nice features... :)

The piston is dished.

The complete P/L/rod set.

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