Saturday, December 18, 2010

More pics from UIM F1 H2O GP of Abu Dhabi

I have just uploaded all the pics (183 to be exact) from our trip to Abu Dhabi and the UIM F1 H2O GP. Watch the photoalbum HERE.

Also check THIS link for the results etc.

BaBa F4S boat of Team Mad-Croc.

One of Marit's F1 props. All F1 props are done by one US guy.

Very old-school Mercury 2.5L V6 2-stroke motor. One of the suppliers of con-rods for these are this guy.

Its actually a "prop" he's carrying... They use it for stationary engine tests at the pontoon...

The front part of the tunnel of a Italian made BaBa F1.

On Sunday after the race we went to the newly opened Ferrari World outside of Abu Dhabi. Its just next door to their F1 racecar track. This is the famous really quick roller coaster - but we couldnt go... It was closed. Crap.

At an earlier F1 H2O race in China (I think) Jay Price used this newly designed special version of the DAC. Its shorter and wider. He crashed it at that event and now the Cappelini factory guys (DAC) where repairing it...

In the photoalbum you can see more pics of it...

Swedish star Oskar Samuelsson did well at the two F4S races and he won the championship!

Bimba Sjöholm was not really up to speed this weekend - she use an older Mölgaard F4 hull then Oskar = not fast enough... The limited power from the Mercury 60HP engines make the hull very important...

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