Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oroshaza day 7 - sunday

All hydro, off-shore 35 & off-shore 7.5 junior qualifying is now done! The day was hot and had as all other days here been without any "oxygen"... The hydro finals will be run tomorrow morning and are finished by lunch time.

I managed to hold on to my second place in qualifying and K-G Noddeland is TQ in H3.5. My Swedish team mate Micke is also in the H3.5 final - we booth run the Kep's .21 rigger you can download drawings for here on this blog. :)

The finals are run with 8 boats - four times - all final heats count. Nobody keeps any points from qualifying so everything now starts from zero again.

Wish us luck - its a beer, a cold shower and an early sleep on my shedule at the moment... :)


My Kep's 21 in the ready box before a qualifying heat.

Hydro 3.5 cc total qualifying results.

Hydro 7.5 cc total qualifying results.

Hydro 15 cc total qualifying results.

Off-shore 35 cc total qualifying results.

Off-shore 7.5 cc juniors total qualifying results.

1 comment:

Acke said...

Well done!!!! both you and Micke.
Now keep it to only one beer before bed and i hope to see you on top of the table tomorrow.